Kubota Compact Track Loader SVL Overview

Kubota’s SVL75 and SVL90 compact track loaders were designed to handle a wide range of tasks while keeping operator comfort in mind.  
    The exceptionally comfortable cab features a wide entrance for easy mounting and dismounting along with plenty of leg room to reduce operator fatigue.  Models equipped with a pressurized cab offer protection from the elements and an excellent air conditioning system. The easy open, sliding front window allows the operator to get in or out of the loader regardless of attachment position by sliding up and into the cab.
     The  wide variety of attachments available for use on the SVL series make it a versatile, multi-tasking machine. Their best in class four cylinder, turbo charged engines provide great fuel economy and unmatched performance.  Also, the vertical lift design and low center of gravity deliver exceptional stability while loading materials  and leveling surfaces.  
    SVL uses include:  brush hogging, post hole and ditch digging, sweeping, breaking and grappling rock, tree shearing, material handling and even seeding.  Mostly used in construction, the SVL is ideal for farming and agricultural functions.  Garrett Clark, Store Manager at Great Plains,  comments on the SVL90 usage at his family’s farm.  
    “We use it for as many jobs as we can, but mostly for moving dirt and hay and lots of tree removal.  It is amazing how fast you can get a job done.  I can do three months worth of work in three days.  It really saves us time.”
    Serviceability on hard worked machines should always be a consideration when comparing models.  The SVL makes maintenance and inspections faster and safer with a tilt up cab capable of reaching a 72 degree angle.  Here hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and the hydraulic tank can be reached.  Daily or routine checks  can be performed by opening the bonnet.  The slide and tilt radiator also enhance easy maintenance.
  A key factor to the durability of this series is its outstanding crawler performance.  Using the technology of their mini excavators Kubota has proven their track systems give long-life and high performance.  The undercarriage forms an integral part of the main frame for maximum durability.  These factors combined show the impressive strength of the Kubota SVL series.
    The Kubota SVL series provides high levels of productivity giving operators hours of comfort and the ability to handle dynamic applications with a variety of attachments.  The serviceability and longevity of these machines make them desirable in the construction market as well as the agricultural markets.

By Reed Boettcher www.greatplainskubota.com

SVL Tech Tips

1. Check track tension often & keep debris free
2. Keep em’ clean inside & out
3. Check air filter often in harsh conditions
4. Check hydraulic fluid often
5. Always check engine oil on a regular basis
6. Know and use the maintenance schedule
7. Keep pivot points lubricated
8. Check coolant level often
9. Inspect for leaking cylinders periodically
10. Maximize A/C efficiency by blowing out condenser and radiator.  Make sure fan belt is tight and in good condition & keep cab clean.



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