The Science of Kubota Package Deals

     Kubota packages are an increasingly popular request at our dealership, and why not?  If a customer purchases three of more implements with a tractor there is a significant amount
of savings offered.
     What are Kubota tractor packages?  The question seems simple enough yet we get many different questions on these offers.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding our Kubota package deals:
What is a Kubota package deal?  Our tractor packages are any Kubota tractor that is generally paired with multiple implements.  We keep several packages put together ranging from 30 – 50 HP which include a trailer, box blade and rotary cutter.  To clarify, a trailer is considered an implement in our packages; however, the Kubota’s front end loader is not.  The combinations of packages are virtually endless with our product lines.
What is the difference?  The difference is in quality and in savings.  At Great Plains we offer high-end, durable implements that are made to last such as:  Land Pride, Woods, Cammond, & Blue Diamond to name a few.  It doesn’t do us or the customers any good to offer cheap implements in order to lower our package deal prices.  The difference in savings boils down to save now and spend less later.  For example, if a customer knows they will be needing a bale spear and perhaps pallet forks next summer, but they only need a box blade now, it would be wise to purchase them all together, if possible, to receive their discount.
Is a Kubota package deal right for me?  One of the great benefits of purchasing a Kubota tractor in package form is that everything can be financed together.  So if you are looking for a finance purchase, and you are needing new or replacement implements, it is the perfect way to save.  Our packages are ideal for first time tractor owners who may have recently purchased acreage.  They are also perfect for those with small farms, hunting leases, recreational property or country-home settings.  For customers who don’t need financing, discounts will still apply when three or more implements are purchased with a tractor.
Can I mix and match any tractor and implement?  Any tractor when paired with three or more implement qualifies for customer savings.
How can I learn more?  We offer package deals at all our Great Plains Kubota locations so give us a call at 855-4KUBOTA.  Note that pricing may vary, and equipment is subject to availability. 

By Reed Boettcher



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