The Plus of Storm Shelters

    You  can never hold back spring or the destruction that its severe storms can sometimes do.  You can, however, have the priceless value the safety of a storm shelter can provide.  Storm Shelters Plus offers more to their customers when it comes to their product.  By providing convenient purchasing offers at an affordable price, Storm Shelters Plus has quickly grown throughout Oklahoma.
     Gerald Morgan has managed customer service since 1989.  As an entrepreneur, Morgan owns Storm Shelters plus and other businesses like the Old General Store on Hwy 9 near Lake Thunderbird.  These businesses serve as individual dealerships for his company.  Like most family businesses, he and his partners operate Storm Shelters Plus with honesty and integrity.  Morgan said this about his company, “Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  I have been providing services to consumers for many years, and you don’t go far without taking care of your customers.  In providing storm shelters, which I believe offer a very affordable piece of mind, our work is guaranteed.  As a business owner,  it is rewarding to offer such a product,” said Morgan.        
     These shelters are engineered and designed to last for a long time, and come with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.  They have a warranty against leakage in the concrete structure for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. The product itself is a precast concrete shelter and is built to FEMA standards.  
     Their business is shelters, but it goes beyond that.  What makes Storm Shelters Plus different from other shelter companies is they offer in-house financing.  There are no credit checks, so everyone qualifies.  All that is required is a small down payment.  With shelters starting at $2,499 and flexible payment options, they make it easy for anyone needing a shelter.  They have seven different locations that serve as dealerships for their storm shelters:  Arcadia, Elgin, Norman, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and Choctaw.                        
     As one could imagine installing heavy concrete storm shelters into the ground requires the use of equipment.  Up until a few months ago the company was renting equipment needed to perform installs.  The need for multiple units was a must due to the growing amount of daily installations.  Morgan commented on purchasing two Kubota KX121-3 excavators from Great Plains Kubota.
     “We are installing four shelters a day and have been for a while.  Basically we were losing money by renting our equipment and were to the point of needing to purchase our own excavator in order to save time and money.  After researching several manufacturers we narrowed it down to Kubota and were fortunate to work with your Shawnee dealership.  Great Plains salesman Bobby Norman jumped through hoops to get the units we wanted in a timely manner.  His was very professional and easy to work with.  Since using the Kubota excavators, we have doubled our production and cut our costs.  We are now effectively catching up on our installations.  Last year we were running about three months behind.  Now we’re averaging only a week or so behind.  We couldn’t be happier with our choice,” said Morgan.
     Storm Shelter Plus utilizes their professional installers as their on the job representatives.  Their experienced workers typically install four shelters a day giving them constant exposure to customer needs and the obstacles of installation.  Experienced shelter operations employees such as Shannon Pierre know what it takes to properly get a shelter in the ground in a time efficient manner.  Pierre commented on his use of the Kubota KX121-3 for installation.
     “The cab on the excavator is quiet and comfortable which makes it easy to operate for long periods at a time.  It is small but powerful which makes it a very effective machine.  The tilt boom and tight tale swing allow me to maneuver around things with ease.  So far  I have really enjoyed working with these machines,” Pierre stated.
     Storm Shelter Plus puts the“Plus” in it’s name by offering more to it’s customers.  By providing an affordable product with flexible payment options Morgan’s company makes it possible for everyone to stay safe during Oklahoma’s storms.
     For more information about Storm Shelters Plus call Gerald Morgan at 405-409-0202 or go online to:

By Reed Boettcher


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