Customer Service: A Clark Family Tradition

      A family business heritage dedicated to excellent customer service was started in 1929 when my grandfather, Martin Clark, leased his first service station in Ada, OK.  My grandfather was so focused on customer service that he would correct anyone that said he was in the “filling station business.  He wanted to be clear that he was in the “service station business.”    Now, with Great Plains Inc, the Clark family continues an 84-year stretch of service to Oklahoma.
     My grandfather became a Case dealer during World War II.  With most iron and steel reserved for military purposes and many men involved in the war effort, there were severe shortages of farm implements and labor.  With very little equipment to sell, he was forced to close the business until manufacturing picked back up in the late ‘40s.
     Our family has always been involved in agriculture and so when the opportunity to become a Kubota dealer was presented, it just seemed natural.  We have been selling Kubota tractors since 2003. We started in Duncan, expanding our dealerships to include both Ada and Shawnee, but our family’s knowledge of tractor sales and farm equipment really began with Martin Clark Implement Co. in the ‘40s.  Many changes have occurred in the world of business (note this Case invoice, for example) but in spite of our fast paced, hi-tech world of today, one thing hasn’t changed – the dedication to our customers.
    Decades have passed since we became incorporated, but Great Plains is still family owned and operated.  As a business we continue to positively evolve while keeping the foundations of our business the same.  We look toward the future and learn from our past.  Thus our mission is to create satisfied customers in a welcoming business environment.  We are grateful for the chance to provide equipment needs and we are excited for the opportunity to earn new business.
     In 1941 Great Plains, Inc became incorporated.  We stand by our products and our customers because our family’s commitment is and has always been to do the right thing, and we will continue that legacy with our Kubota dealerships.


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