The Love of a Kubota

By Reed Boettcher –

Bob Harris loves his Kubota tractor.  He takes care of it, and it takes care of him.  For 18 years Harris’s L2650 hasn’t given him any trouble.  It starts when he needs it to and his Kubota still continues to amaze him with its capabilities.
As a retired Construction Superintendent Harris is no stranger to operating equipment.  He grew up around farm tractors such as Ford and John Deere, and he compares his small Kubota to tractors of such larger size.  Harris was first introduced to the abilities of Kubota tractors when he borrowed one from a neighbor.  He was immediately impressed with the Kubota he borrowed and referred to it as a “workhorse son-of-a-gun.” So when the need to purchase his own tractor increased, he knew exactly what he wanted.  Harris bought his Kubota L2650 4WD tractor in 1996 at a dealership in Austin, Texas.
Harris lives with his wife Vanessa on a well kept patch of acreage just outside Duncan, Okla.  While Vanessa operates her embroidery business, Ringtail USA, Bob spends his retirement days looking for a reason to get behind the wheel of his tractor.  He enjoys spending time brushogging around his property and has been known to stay on his tractor for long periods of time.
When the grass starts growing in his yard, Harris trades out his tractor for a Kubota T-Series lawn mower.  He has owned the T1670 for five years, and he loves it almost as much as his tractor.  Like the tractor, the mower is dependable.  It cuts well and is comfortable which allows Harris to mow for long periods.
Harris is a firm believer in properly taking care of equipment.  He doesn’t abuse his tractor, and he maintains it as much as needed.  Consequently it never lets him down.  He keeps his tractor out of the weather in a barn during the winter months.  He jokingly talks about how hard it is to start after a long sit, but truthfully, it always starts immediately.
When asked what he liked best about his Kubota tractor  Harris stated there was nothing that he didn’t like.  Further he had this to offer, “It’s more tractor than I will ever need and it has done things that I didn’t think it could do.  I don’t abuse though.  When I feel like I’m pushing it, I just go slow and easy and it does great.  I don’t know how many times I’ve surprised people with its capabilities. You ought to see it when I hook up my six foot tandem disc on the back.  For me it has been everything you could ask for in a tractor.  I have definitely got my money back on the deal.  I don’t see how anyone could afford to buy anything but a Kubota, and that’s being honest,”
Harris said.

Bob Harris is proud of his tractor, and he shows it through his generosity.  He gladly volunteers to help out others when needed.  Whether it be for brushogging or tilling the ground for a garden, Harris happily lends his time and tractor.  He typically helps out about eight to ten people around the area that need the use of a tractor, and why not?  He enjoys helping others and being on his Kubota.
Another favorite pastime of his is tilling his garden.  Although his garden is much smaller than it used to be it still produces enough summer crops for Bob and Vanessa to enjoy.  Harris makes short work of tilling his garden with the aid of his tractor.  He commented on his garden.
“We don’t plant more than we can eat.  What extra produce we do have, we will give away to folks that need it.  We always plant tomatoes, okra, onions, and squash.  I enjoy the garden but I probably wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have my Kubota.  The tiller I use works well because it has more tines that most other tillers.  It takes no time at all to turn my garden.  Sometimes I’ll get into some hard ground so I have to go a little slower, but it always gets the job done,” Harris said.
For someone who has owned a Kubota as long as Harris you might think he was a regular customer at Great Plains.  The truth is, he rarely visits the dealership.  He will come in for the occasional fluid change or to stop by to visit with long time friend and neighbor, Anthony Giroir.  Giroir, Great Plains Manager, describes Harris as a Kubota believer whose passion for Kubota equipment would make him a great salesman.  It is an interesting thing to see both salesman and customer believe in one another at such a level.  Harris commented on the fact that Giroir takes care of his customers so well, and Giroir had this to say of Harris.
“Bob is much more than a customer of ours, he’s a friend.  It is easy to tell that he loves his Kubota products,” said Giroir.
It is stories such as Harris’s that make owning a Kubota a life experience.  Hearing the Kubota difference for someone who loves their tractor is both interesting and rewarding.   In fact, meeting customers and sharing a few hours of their life is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job.  Learning what people like about their Kubota equipment gives insight.  It’s the people that make the Kubota difference.  The personalities and new-found friendships are the driving force for our products and employees at Great Plains.


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