Finding Morels

     From the Spring 2013 Issue of Great Plains Living see more at

     Every spring, usually during the months of March and April, a curious looking fungus graces the greening ground: the Morel.  The Morel wild mushroom resembles a brain or something from outer space, but what it lacks in attractiveness it gives back in flavor.  Mushrooms aren’t for everyone, but for those who do eat them, the Morel reins supreme.
     Hunting for these delicate delights starts with study.  It is important to know exactly what Morels look like since other poisonous mushrooms grow during the same time of year.  The photo on this page is of a Morel.  One could take it and use it to identify Morels in the field, but further research on this fungus is strongly suggested.
     These mushrooms signal the coming of warmer weather and are a welcoming site to many avid mushroom hunters.  People who don’t even enjoy eating Morels often just enjoy the time spent searching for them in woods.  They are a sign that winter is over, and spring is upon us.
     Morels aren’t always found in the depths of the forest.  Some of the best spots are in plain sight.  Look for Morels under Cedar trees or in shaded areas where organic decomposition is prevalent.
     Enjoy these simple yet special recipes, and Happy Hunting!  Image


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