Take Command of Your Lawn This Spring

From the Spring 2013 Issue of Great Plains Living

By Reed Boettcher  

  Kubota has a new zero turn lawn mower just in time for spring.  The new Kubota Kommander is an easy way to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn this year.  These compact zero turn lawn mowers are built with ergonomics in mind to keep you comfortable through the longest mowing jobs.  They’re easy to operate with a wide range of features designed for fast, efficient mowing.
     You can mow your lawn like a pro, with the smooth, effortless performance of the Kubota Kommander.  The Kommander is comfortable and stylish and is easily operated.  Customers have two models to choose from, the S-model and the E-model.  The ultimate residential zero turn mower comes in the following models with either a 48 or 54 inch deck: the ZG124E, ZG127E, ZG123S, and the ZG127S.
     Cutting your grass at the perfect height has never been easier.  The K-Lift mechanical one-push deck lift pedal raises the deck and with a simple twist of a dial, you can adjust your cutting height in precise 1/4” increments.  After your adjustments, simply push and release the pedal again to lower the deck.
     The ergonomic design features a seat that slides a full six inches forward and back, letting you find just the right position for maximum personal comfort.  Dual operation levers provide the smooth, precise control you’ll need for delicate trimming and work around trees and flower beds.  There are four storage boxes for your tools, lunch, and anything else too big or heavy for your pockets, and of course for safety the Kommander comes standard with full height ROPS.
     The stylish look of the Kommander offers comfort and convenience making it a highly efficient mower to operate.  The high back seat is soft and roomy and will keep you comfortable even on those extra long mowing jobs.  The wide foot pan gives the operator plenty of legroom up front.  It also makes entry and exit a snap.  What riding mower would be complete without cup holders?  The Kommander has multiple integrated cup holders.  Extend your mowing in low light conditions with the stunning and somewhat extraordinary LED headlights which come standard on the S-models and optional on the E-models.  The 22 inch Ultrascaper Z rear tires offer a softer ride and wide tread tires to provide better traction and weight distribution to help protect your lawn.
     When performance counts, the Kubota Kommander delivers.  Their powerful engines, rugged transmissions and strong frames let you take on the toughest jobs with confidence and ease.  For added peace of mind they are covered under Kubota’s four year 300-hour warranty.
     The Kommander is powered by hardworking engines that are available in either Kohler or Briggs and Stratton engines.  All the power from the engine is delivered to the wheels and mower deck through a rugged, Hydro Gear commercial ZT3100 transmission.
     A mower is only as good as its mowing deck.  The Kommander uses a five-inch deep welded deck made of 10-gauge steel which provides outstanding, professional level cutting performance.
     There is a lot to like about the new Kubota Kommander.  From their comfortable ergonomic design to their style and convenience, these attractive, hardworking mowers are designed to make mowing as easy as possible.


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