Kubota R-Series Wheel Loader Overview

Equipped with sate of the art features, the versatile R-Series wheel loaders from Kubota offer outstanding visibility, power, and productivity.
Kubota Diesel Engine     
     The R-Series loaders utilize Kubota’s own 41.6 and 46 T-TVCS diesel engines.  The clean running Kubota engines offer power and dependability, with superior horsepower and performance.  The low noise and vibration levels reduce operator fatigue, allowing long hours of continuous use.  The four wheel drive limited slip differential and rear frame oscillation provide excellent traction and stability.  This allows you to out muscle challenging terrain, such as mud, sand, and snow.  When loose or soft terrain causes a front wheel to lose its grip, the Limited Slip Differential transfers that wheel’s power to the opposite wheel to restore traction.  Another nice feature is the electronic shuttle shift lever. Increase production with on the fly shifting.  Mounted on the steering column, this timesaving, labor reducing feature lets you shift from forward to reverse to forward without ever clutching or breaking.
Load Sensing Transmission (LST)
     Load Sensing Transmission automatically adjusts speed and torque in response to load conditions.  To operate more efficiently, this innovative feature enables the R-Series loaders to automatically shift from high speed/low torque to low speed/high torque as load conditions vary.  For optimal operation in tight spaces, the travel speed limiter reduces maximum travel speed with just a touch of a button, while maintaining full performance of the auxiliary hydraulics.
Auxiliary Hydraulics
     As a standard feature in both models operators will save time and money whenever a hydraulically operated attachment is needed.  Unlike most competitors the Kubota R-Series wheel loaders offer greater versatility with hydraulics plumbed to both front and rear, enabling usage of a backhoe when a job demands it.
     For easy dumping into trucks with higher beds the R-Series has the highest dumping clearance in it’s class.  The fully adjustable suspension seat adjusts to provide a high level of
to a wide range of
drivers.  The hanging style
foot pedals increase foot space.  Combine these together to make up the best loader in its class.



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