Room In the Shop For You

From Great Plains Living Fall 2012

By Reed Boettcher

Great Plains Equipment Sales recently purchased Dinsmore Tractor Sales of Shawnee.  The purchase of the long-standing dealership is a part of Great Plains’s progressive growth in servicing Oklahoma’s Kubota market.  Great Plains has been selling and servicing Kubota products since 2003.  The company’s roots in the farm and ranch industry as well as their devotion to customer service have enabled their Duncan and Ada dealerships to thrive.  
    Certain brands offer the product but not the service. It is one thing to sell a product.  It’s another to put your name on it and take ownership for the product’s performance.  Servicing and repairing tractors is a revolving door that benefits both the dealer and the customer.  
    “By providing our customers with a service and maintenance department, we provide ourselves the opportunity to get to know our customers personally,” says Ada Service Manager Michael Palmer.      
    Palmer elaborated on his concepts of a service department.  “For Kubota and other tractor companies that are built to last, a dealership service department is a must.  I can’t image how a company could sell tractors without taking repairs.  Kubota has sold over a million tractors in the United States all of which will need maintenance at some point.  You can’t expect to sell a customer a tractor and be done with them.  Again, the maintenance side of the business creates one-on-one relationships with our customers.  A sales conversation may only last an hour but with parts and service we get to really know how the customer is using their machine and what other equipment they may have.  The service department is an essential part of Great Plains business and we are working on getting the message across for the Shawnee location,” said Palmer.
    During the transitional period, customers can expect changes and improvements to be made at their hometown Kubota dealership.  The operational structure of the dealership will see the most change.  With an inviting new staff and a welcoming service department previous and current customers can expect a refreshing new Kubota dealer atmosphere.  Shawn Lewis, an energetic salesman at Great Plains, now runs the Shawnee dealership as General Manager.  Lewis has over 15 years of equipment sales experience and has been a top salesman for the company over the past few years.  Lewis commented on the acquisition and changes of Dinsmore Tractor.
    “We will serve all our customers with a high level of professionalism as we do at all our dealerships.  Our goal is to have a smooth transition while creating awareness of our services to a new and broader area.  Customers can expect to find a friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment where they can not only purchase Kubota tractors but have them serviced and maintained as well.  Our doors are open for customers to come in and have a cup of coffee and conversation.  Customers can be confident that Great Plains has extensive knowledge of Kubota products and how to maintain and repair them.  Furthermore, our Parts Manager, Brenda Birkle has handled Kubota parts for years and has a great understanding of her customers needs.  We will stand behind the Kubota brand as we do our own.  Personally I am excited for the opportunity to take this dealership to the next level,”  said Lewis.
    The shop doors are open and the floors are swept and there is plenty of room in the shop.  So, next time you are in the area stop by Great Plains and see what’s new.


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