Great Plains Polaris Side By Side Safety Training

The professionals at Great Plains are critical to themselves and to their dealerships operations by constantly searching for ways to improve services and expand offers.  When Gary Brownlee, a purchasing agent with the Bureau of Reclamation at the Oklahoma City Field Office called to inquire about a Polaris Utility Vehicle training course, Great Plains realized an opportunity to expand their services even more.  Although this type of training would be a first for Great Plains the company has done other forms of training courses.  
     Garrett Clark, Great Plains Manager has trained companies in the use of heavy equipment for years for the former rental company Great Plains Rent-All.  Clark commented on his ideas of equipment training.
     “Further educating companies on their equipment is a must. Training benefits, both those using the equipment as well as us.  These courses offer a unique way for our employees to better understand their clients.  By training on location we get a first hand look at how their equipment is being used.  This in turn allows us to better serve our customers,”  said Clark.
     The usage of utility vehicles on the job for their variety of work applications has certainly created the need for proper training and safety instruction.  Unlike ATVs, utility vehicle safety is somewhat of a new concept.  The vehicle is designed much like a car but with the same safety hazards as their predecessors.
     Great Plains first UTV training courses was a huge success for both parties.  The course took place on Friday, December seventh at McGee Creek Scenic Recreational Area near Atoka, Okla.  Garrett Clark, Tommy Goodman and I instructed seven employees of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and two employees of  McGee Creek State Park on their Polaris Ranger Crew models.  The course included the importance of pre and post trip inspections, general safety, preventative safety, terrain maneuvering, UTV limits and capabilities and general maintenance.  After covering the course material and answering questions the group participated on a scenic and extremely narrow trail ride.  The trail which is often used by the Bureau as well as the public offered challenging turning situations.  The rocky terrain was ideal for training and gave us an idea what these customers expect out of their Polaris Rangers.
 Cody McCrackin, Natural Resource Specialist with the Bureau had this to say about the training at McGee Creek.
     “The course content was very practical and worthwhile. The level of instruction was very professional. The instructors did a great job conducting the course, and interacted very well with the group. This course had the perfect balance between “classroom” material and hands-on instruction. Anyone who operates an UTV needs to take this safety course.”  
     If your company requires utility vehicle safety training consider Great Plains as your trusted source.  We understand the importance of safety and will be able to effectively deliver proper instruction.  We can accommodate small or large groups on site or at our training location.  Our professionals have years of experience and vast knowledge on the general operations, maintenance, safety and capabilities of Polaris Ranger and Kubota RTV utility vehicles as well as other manufactured models.  For more information call us at 580-427-9000 or visit us online at


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