Polaris News See Whats New For 2013

As a marketing company Polaris continues to make advances with its product line.  The Rangers of old are hardly recognizable when compared to the newest models, and their ATVs continue to transform.  Year after year the company’s off road vehicles make advancements that keep Polaris at the head of the pack.   

RANGER XP 900 – Polaris has unleashed a machine that has created a whole new class of utility vehicle.  Still the hardest working, smoothest riding, the Polaris Ranger XP 900 features a new ProStar 900, 60HP engine with incredible class-leading torque across the power band.  This power lets drivers tow up to one ton, or haul up to 1,000 lbs. in the cargo box.  
     In a long list of smooth riding Rangers over the years this is the smoothest riding yet, in part because of the new center spine chassis with greater rigidity, a five inch longer wheel base, and an added inch of suspension travel.  Travel on your place undetected in this quite model do to engine placement behind the seat, and below the box.
     Travel farther with enhanced comfort and superior ground clearance.  With 12 inches of ground clearance obstacles are easily handled, and the redesigned cockpit will fit more people more comfortably.  It features a three person split bench seat that is slightly lower allowing more storage and enhanced driver comfort.
     Master the elements with the new Ranger cab systems that are pre-designed for the Ranger XP 900 frame.  The new Lock & Ride PRO-FIT  Cab Systems can take less than five minutes to install!  The windshields, roofs, rear panels, and doors lock tight and will exceed your performance needs.

RANGER 800 EFI MID-SIZE – Created by demand, the Ranger 800 Mid-Size gives the benefits of a full size utility vehicle in a midsize frame.  Without sacrificing power for versatility, the Ranger 800 Mid-Size can reliably handle a wide range of terrain, while producing higher levels of payload capacity.

SCRAMBLER XP 850 H.O. – This is definitely not your Daddy’s Scrambler.  Created for power sports enthusiasts, the all new Scrambler XP 850 makes its predecessor look like a youth model.  Its lightning quick acceleration and smooth power are delivered by a high output 850 Twin EFI 77 HP engine.  With the legendary Sportsman style independent rear rolled suspension, and its 10.25 inches of ground clearance, handling rough terrain at higher speeds has never been smoother.



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