Thrid Times A Charm

    Good things come in threes.  The best example of good things that come in threes is The Holy Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost).  In fact, this numeric group is mentioned throughout the Bible.  On the third day Jesus rose from the grave.  There were three wise men who brought Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  The list goes on and it even seems that the number three is God’s trademark.  He made the atom with three parts which make up the earth’s three parts being land, water and air.  Even our time created here on earth is calculated by past, present, and future.
    So what are some other prominent groups of three?  Well there are the Three Stooges, 3 Dog Night, The Three Little Pigs, and The Three Musketeers to name a few.  The reason I’m writing on the topic isn’t because of Moe, Larry and Curly or the structure of an atom but rather this issue, being our third, marks the recent purchase of a long-standing Kubota dealer giving Great Plains a total of three dealerships.
    The purchase of Dinsmore Tractor Sales of Shawnee by Great Plains has created a trifecta of Kubota dealerships in Oklahoma.  We’re now conveniently located in Ada, Duncan and Shawnee.  With the purchase of a new store comes new and existing customers.  This will present its own set of challenges for us which we humbly welcome.  We are proud for the opportunity to take care of existing customers and look forward to servicing the Shawnee market.  There are some good topics in this issue but the one that has the most impact on us is the purchase of Dinsmore Tractor Sales.  We are grateful to take on the task of filling in where they are leaving off.  Shawnee will be a new chapter for us and we look forward to the opportunity of providing our services to their customers with minimal change and a smooth transition.    
    I am personally excited about expanding our magazine’s readership.  Having a presence in Shawnee with Great Plains Living will surely open new doorways for our magazine.   It seems with each issue we take our magazine just a little further than the last.  With this issue readers will find more magazines on racks throughout their area.  We have had successful response from this form of distribution, so we are doubling the amount distributed.  
    The first thing to think about when writing these letters is the reader.  I ask myself, what is going to make them want to read this?  The worst thing I could do is waste words.  Without being too informal I try to cover the issues and topics our customers may encounter.  Great Plains Living is just one of the ways that we as a company try to communicate our products and services as well as our philosophy.  In many ways reading this magazine is like visiting one of our three stores.  An article read in this magazine could easily be a discussion being held between a salesman and a customer.  
    The saying, “Third Times a Charm” is meant for good luck.  Not to give us bad luck but I don’t think  we need it for our third issue or for our newest store.  We will continue to manage a friendly store that does right by its customers while producing a quality, content full magazine.  At Great Plains we don’t just offer equipment we offer information.  Being your information source, whether through this magazine or at the store, is what makes us different.  Now, with the power of three stores I see nothing but great things to come.   
    Of course not all things grouped in threes are good.  I can only speak for myself but Alvin and the Chipmunks and ready, aim, fire are both bad things.


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