Getting Out…Polaris Style

By Reed Boettcher – Great Plains Polaris

Providing customers a way out is a way of living for Polaris.

     The First 50 years of Polaris history was shaped by visionaries who turned their dreams into outstanding products and experiences.  Looking back at the last half century you’ll find Polaris riders finding their way to the back country in countless different ways.
    Polaris Industries started in the early 1950s and hasn’t slowed down since. A Minnesota based farm equipment shop discovered it had the creativity and passion to produce “snow machines” thus creating the birth of Polaris Industries.  For the next 55 plus years Polaris snow machines dominated their way through snow and onto product lines that now produce other off road vehicles.
    For Polaris the 1980s meant new ownership and a new vehicle to meet the growing demands of outdoor enthusiasts.  In 1985, things really got rolling when they introduced their first all terrain vehicle, a Polaris Trail Boss 4-wheeled ATV.   This created a whole new way to enjoy the outdoors.  The company was no longer constricted to snowy regions and could now offer quality machines to a broader market.  When ATV production began at their Roseau, Minnesota factory in 85, Minnesota Gov. Rudy Perpich was there to ride the first ATV off the assembly line.
    Over the years Polaris introduced more innovative ATV features that enhance performance, comfort, ride, quality and safety than any other manufacturer.  Among these innovations was the legendary automatic PVT, (Polaris Variable Transmission).  The addition of ATV’s triggered numerous positive changes for the company.  The Roseau factory was kept open for vehicle manufacturing virtually year-round, Polaris dealers now had a product to sell for warm-weather use and motor sports enthusiasts.
    The 1990s proved to be as innovative and productive for the company as recent years.  With the introduction of Polaris watercraft, RANGERs and Victory Motorcycles, riders were in a win-win-win situation.  In 1998 Polaris introduced the RANGER, which provides the ideal solution for people who want a utility vehicle that can haul lots of gear and carry more than one rider.  The RANGER made its debut as a hard working, smooth-riding utility vehicle with Polaris-exclusive On-Demand 6-wheel drive, a rear cargo box and side-by-side seating for two adults.  The RANGER has provided countless solutions for hunters, farmers, ranchers, and homeowners.  
    Over the next couple of decades products were perfected and modified to meet the growing demands of consumers.  The Polaris RANGERs transformed the side by side market by merging utility needs and sporty extreme performance wants into the present day Ranger RZR side by side. Consumers are now offered a wide variety of ATVs and side-by-sides to meet every specific need.  From first time riders to military specific units, Polaris offers their riders the comfort of knowing their Polaris product always provides the way home.  
    At Polaris, making great products is not just a job; it is a way of life.  Understand the riding experience. Live the riding experience. Work to make it better.  This is the company creed which holds true to its employees who are not only builders and designers but enthusiastic riders.
    For more than 50 years, Polaris has sought, built and delivered the best ride to customers around the world.  It is what’s enjoyed by passionate Polaris employees who ride their Polaris’s to work everyday.  It’s what fuels Polaris dealers to hold demo rides, support racing teams and organize weekly group rides on every surface in every season.  It’s what a parent shares with kids who are thrilled to ride Polaris youth models.  Polaris products offer an escape and an experience.  It’s getting away from daily stress and responsibilities to enjoy a trail ride, spend the evening on the lake or spend a vacation on a Victory motorcycle rather than in a mini-van.  It is the experience of seeing snow-covered woods you can’t see from the highway and reaching peaks accessible only by ATV.  Polaris is and will always be the scenic ticket for those thirsting for adventure and the glorious views of the beyond.


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