Wiping Out Weeds



      The GrassWorks Weed Wiper Weed Management System will work and is totally different from anything else due to the all steel construction and steel rotating drum.  As the Grass Works Weed Wiper is driven it turns the steel drum in the opposite direction that the weed wiper is traveling.  This provides a very good wiping action on the plants that you are trying to get rid of.  This rotating action does several things for you.
    First, it allows you to run the specialized synthetic carpet covered steel rotating drum  very saturated.  Therefore an ample amount of chemical is available to apply to the targeted weeds.  With this constant rotation, any drip issues are eliminated.
    Second, it is applying the chemicals to the stems and the underside of the leaves.  This is the weakest portion of the targeted plants which proved an excellent kill rate.
    Third, with the adjustable height you are only applying the chemicals on the targeted weeds and not wasting chemicals on the desirable crops, grasses and clovers that you want to keep.
    This system is designed to run any herbicide or selective herbicide that you choose.  You can literally pay for your unit by saving in chemical costs.
    Unit sizes are available to meet your operational needs.  Three to six foot units fits the needs of nursery, landscape, vineyard, orchard, small fruit and vegetable operations and tree farms.  Deflectors and off set units are available for any of these operations.  The ten, twelve and fifteen foot units are most popular for hay and pasture operations.  The Grass Works Weed Wiper will kill out any weed or grass it comes in contact with including Johnsongrass, thistles, smutgrass, ragweed, lovegrass, pigweed or any other noxious weed.
    Row crop operations have the option of hydraulic driven units ranging from six to fifty feet.  These operations have discovered this is a very economical weed control system.  With the capability of adjusting the height of the rotating wiper, you can apply during different stages of crop growth.
Principles of the Grassworks Weed Wiper System:
1.  Small plants exert less pressure on roller, thereby applying the herbicide mix necessary to control them.
2.  The larger plants exert more pressure, thereby extracting more herbicide from the roller.
3.  Reverse rotation of the roller allows better contact and better herbicide coverage on hard stemmed plants.
4. The roller forces the large hard plat into a horizontal position to obtain the maximum herbicide coverage around the stem and lower leaves.
5.  The stems lean allowing the herbicide to encircle the stem near the root and the underside of the leaves.Image


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