Taking Pride In The Land

    Salina, Kansas-based Land Pride is a company proud of its Midwestern roots. Land Pride, a Division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., has been a leader in grounds maintenance equipment since its inception in 1986. Today, it’s known not only as a leader in turf equipment, but also recognized across North America as a leader in tractor and skid steer-mounted implements that include Rotary Tillers, Grooming Mowers, Overseeders, Rotary Cutters, Rear Blades, Landscape Rakes, Snow Blowers, and much more.
    Land Pride has manufacturing facilities across North Central Kansas. They learned that the work ethic of smaller Kansas communities is second to none and as such they located plants in Abilene, Kipp, and Lucas, Kansas. Land Pride employees come from rural areas and agriculture backgrounds – they know the products they build and they understand how customers will use them. This knowledge helps build a product that will perform as expected for years to come.
    Land Pride also has Research and Development facilities in Salina, just a block from the Corporate headquarters. All Land Pride products undergo rigorous testing. They are all designed and manufactured in compliance with the latest industry and government standards. When you buy a Land Pride product, you know that it has been tested – and passed – in real-world situations that are more rugged and demanding than it will likely see in its service life.
    Their commitment to dealers and their customers is visible in the delivery of the product to the dealership. To insure the product arrives exactly as it was when it left the plant,  they use their own trucking company. Great Plains Trucking has over 60 trucks and 100 trailers dedicated to delivering the best product in the industry.
    Parts and service after the sale has helped Land Pride gain many new dealers. Their commitment to service is something they take great pride in. Through online parts ordering, phone support, or a personal visit if that’s what it takes, Land Pride is willing to go the extra mile for it’s customers. With dealers in every state and into Canada, there is always reliable help close by.


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