Rolling on the Red



     If you are in the market for a new ATV or Side-by-Side but aren’t quite sure which brand to buy, take a drive to the Oklahoma/Texas bridge west of Waurika.  Go early on a Saturday or Sunday morning when riders are unloading their machines to ride on the Red river.  Compare and count the number of Polaris machines that are being off-loaded to the manufacturers, of other machines.
     This scenario is often used by Anthony Giroir, Great Plains Manager in Duncan, when describing the popularity and usage of Polaris off road vehicles.  Giroir’s Polaris of choice is a RZR S which he frequently rides on the Red river with a group of friends and family.  The long sandy stretches of our numerous river beds are a favorite location to ride for many Oklahoma powersports enthusiasts.  After all, nothing says off-roading better than sand, sun, water, mud, catfish, and most notably, a Polaris Ranger RZR S.
     Giroir has been riding at the Red river for about a year now.  Typically, he rides with a group which consists of five to six couples and often includes their children.  Chris James, a friend of Giroir’s, has property on the river and is currently building the River Run RV Park.  It is this location that allows easy access for the group.  Giroir has experienced many relaxing days on the river while riding various off-road machines.  He mentioned that four wheelers are fun to ride on the river as well as the Polaris Ranger, but for the mud slinging, fast paced riding that he and his wife Bobbie do, their Polaris RZR S performs the best.
     The Polaris RZR S boasts a wider base and a sport tuned suspension making it’s design optimal for wide open spaces.  It has a low center of gravity and can accelerate from 0 to 35 in 3.8 seconds.  The RZR S attributes its incredible horsepower to the low vehicle weight and its 800 EFI high output engine.  Another feature that makes the RZR S perfect for driving the river bottoms is Polaris’s on demand true all-wheel drive.  The AWD gives superior grip to put the 12 inches of suspension travel to work in the sandy dunes and knolls of the Red.  Giroir commented on how much he loved his RZR S.
     “You can’t beat the ride that this machine has.  It is the smoothest riding machine I have been on.  Some of my friends drive other brands, and there is no comparison.  For the river, the RZR S is perfect because you can haul your gear and ice chest yet still have the power and agility needed for a high performance ride.  There are a few accessories for the RZR that you need when spending a full day on the river.  A top, and at least a half windshield are a must.  Other accessories that are nice to have are a winch, stereo, and brush guards,” said Giroir.
     There seems to be a connection that off road riders share.  Whether gained from assisting other riders that get stuck or spending time with family.  The group that Anthony Giroir rides with gets more from the human experience than the powersports experience.  The sharing of experiences and a way out of the normal routine of life is what Polaris offers.  Pete Godin has been going on the river for ten years and loves going out with this group.
     “I like getting together with friends and family, catching fish the redneck way, and driving on the river.  I work out of town a lot, so this is a good way to relax and have fun with the people whose company I enjoy,” said Godin.
     When asked what he liked best about time spent on the Red Giroir had this to say. “In the past my wife would do her thing (work in the yard), and I did mine (hunt or fish).  Since we bought our RZR S, we go to the river and ride together.  It so relaxing and loads of fun.  The more friends and family that come, the better.”
     Kayla Giroir and Chad Bailey are another couple that ride with this group.  
     Kayla Giroir summed her experience up in a concise way.  She said, “Everyone has their own thing they enjoy.  We prefer the river because we can ride for miles and when we get hot or just want to relax, we can stop and get in the water, hangout, or noodle.  The men typically handfish while the women laugh at the men.  I have only been doing this for a year or so, but I plan on doing it for many more years.  Plus, it’s cheaper than a day on the lake!”
     Relaxing is the way this group describes their days on the river.  For me noodling isn’t the most relaxing activity but that’s why I use a rod a reel.  Besides the noodling a day full of friendship, fun and family is something we all deserve after a long week at work.  Whether they’re roasting hot dogs or roasting tires the group that Anthony Giroir rides with sure knows how to have a great day on the Red river.



Photos Submitted By Anthony Giroir –

Story By Reed Boettcher –


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