Extending Peace of Mind With Kubota’s Orange Protection Program

GPL:  What is the Orange Protection Program (Kubota Extended Warranty)?
Cockroft:  The Kubota Orange Protection Program was developed by Kubota Tractor Corporation to allow our customers to purchase additional time (and hours) on their equipment warranties.  This warranty has the same terms and conditions as the Original “Factory” Warranty with the exception of the additional time/hour intervals.
GPL:  Can’t a customer do the same thing by
purchasing good insurance?
Cockroft:  No.  Insurance covers things like accidental damage and theft.  It does not cover manufacture defects or defects in material or workmanship.  As an example, if a seal goes out on a water pump, this is not an insurance issue.  However, it may be covered under the equipment warranty terms depending on the circumstances.
GPL:  Kubota is a very dependable product.  Why would a customer spend additional money to buy Kubota Extended Warranty?
Cockroft:  Great question.  As mentioned, Kubota makes a very reliable product.  However, Kubota products are man made machines.  Every machine, no matter who makes it, has the potential to have a failure. Kubota Orange Protection allows our customers to purchase “peace of mind” when purchasing their equipment.  It also allows them to manage operating cost.  When combined with quality insurance such as KTAC, a customer can cover his or her piece of equipment front to back for most failures or damage.  Knowing that their out of pocket expense is better controlled is what makes many people choose the Kubota Orange Protection Program for their equipment.
GPL:  Speaking of out-of-pocket expense, is there a deductible on extended warranty repairs?
Cockroft:  No, there is no deductible.  Also, there are no pre-approvals or other “hoops” to jump through.  Just take it into your local Authorized Kubota Dealer.  If the repair would be covered under normal warranty, then it will be covered under the extended warranty.  Of course, assuming the machine is still under the overall time and hour limits.
GPL:  When can a customer purchase Kubota’s Extended Warranty, and is it transferable to other customers?
Cockroft:  A customer can purchase Kubota’s Orange Protection Plans for their equipment any time during the base warranty period.  However, it is most advantageous to purchase it at the time of the machine purchase because the cost can be financed with the machine.  The Kubota Extended Warranty will remain valid on that machine, even if the machine is resold.
GPL:  How much Kubota Extended Warranty can be purchased on a machine?
Cockroft:  The hour limits vary, but in most cases, a customer can extend the machine warranty by either 1 or 2 years.  They can also choose to purchase it on only some of the equipment they purchase.  For example, a customer who purchases a Kubota L3800 Tractor (2 year “factory” warranty) and Kubota Front End Loader (1 year “factory” warranty) can choose to extend the front end loader warranty for 1 year.


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