Kubota…Better Than A Pot Of Gold

Kubota...Better Than A Pot Of Gold

Great Plains Kubota customer Bruce Mayhan was lucky enough to get a photograph of a rainbow that apparently ends in his tractors front end loader. In a digital age where photos like this can easily be created it is interesting to see an original photo that hasn’t been altered what so ever.
My daughter who has recently taken an interest in photography is learning as I did, on a manual 35mm camera. Digital cameras have so many advantages over standard film cameras but they lack the building blocks that create photography fundamentals. I realize digital can be just as manual has film but it isn’t film it’s pixels.
What I enjoy about film is that it is tangible. As a kid I would be excited the whole time my film was developing. I couldn’t wait to see what the pictures would turn out like. Now we have the trash can icon.
Mayhan’s picture reminds me of a photographic time not that long ago and even though it was taken with a digital camera it’s elements remind me what it’s like to have a camera at the right place at the right time.


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