A Final Autumn

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Not all readers may appreciate the images posted on this blog, but to me they speak more about life than they do of death.  
     Like any photo, trophy pictures spark memories and this is especially true for me.  When I look at my most recent hunting photos, I’m reminded of an entire season.  The season I’m referring to isn’t hunting season.  It’s autumn!  Autumn embodies so much that I enjoy in life, and I always hold on to this time of year for as long as possible.  It starts with the first crisp air and lasts through the end of college football or rifle season.       
     The changing landscape brought by cooler weather is a clear indication that I will soon enjoy many things such as;
hunting season, Halloween, college football, cool weather camping, and Thanksgiving, all which are connected by unique scenic conditions.
     Autumn also reminds me that all things have an end, and it teaches me to enjoy things while they last.  The pictures of the above harvested deer inspire reflections of my life, and are a reminder to live in the moment and to respect my surroundings.  Hunting offers these types of moments.  Minutes become hours in a tree stand, and memories can become life lessons.
     Appreciate the time that God has given, and enjoy the time spent in His creation because like the deer above, we all have a final autumn.


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