Polaris News and New Products

     One of the main reasons Polaris is a leading manufacturer of off-road sport vehicles is they consistently produce new products that set standards for other manufacturers.  Polaris has four new units that out perform and out ride the competition.  This brief overview will discuss the new RZR XP 1000, Ranger 900 XP Crew, Ranger 570 Crew, and Sportsman 570.
RZR XP 1000
     What started out as a single machine in 2007 evolved to include a complete family of extreme off-road machines.  Along the way the Polaris RZR has redefined a sport and created a phenomenon.  While other manufacturers try to catch up where the RZR has already been, Polaris is working on the next best thing, like their all new RZR XP 1000.  The next generation of razor sharp performance is the perfect combination of power, suspension, and agility.              Power-  The new ProStar1000 is the largest most powerful engine ever lowered into a side by side.  This 107 horsepower engine uses it’s ultra efficient driveline and dual throttle bodies to provide unmatched throttle response and acceleration, (0-50mph in 5.33 sec).
     Suspension – The all new ultra rigid chassis increases durability and suspension performance.  The new independent travel arms deliver 18 inches of travel suspension, and when paired with its 13.5 inches of ground clearance you have a smooth ride at any speed.  Perhaps the largest advancement in ride is the exclusive Walker Evans position sensitive, anti-bottoming needle shocks with remote reservoirs.   These are mounted to the C-pillar for easy access to their adjustable clickers.
     Agility – The new RZR 1000 responds to the driver and the terrain with standard electronic power steering and a nimble 18 inch turning radius.
     Polaris has raised the bar and created a multi-passenger utility side by side with their new Ranger Crew 900.  The new crew model starts with all the improvements of the Ranger 900 XP and goes further with its 5 person automotive style seating.  The refined two person front cab includes a center console, tilt steering, and an adjustable driver’s seat.  Combined with the rear seat which has an added 2 inches of foot room, you have the ultimate ride for five!
     Hardest Working – The new ProStar 900 features a 60 horsepower engine that pumps out class leading torque and pulling power to move the whole crew.
     Smoothest Riding – The chassis is five inches longer and stiffer, meaning the flex happens in the suspension.  It also features the highest ground clearance in the industry with 11.3 inches and an added inch of travel suspension from previous models.



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