The Original Turbo Saw – Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is local and leading the way…

ImageSince 2003 Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing has built tree and brush cutting attachments to manage
invasive species.
     This innovative award winning company has
pioneered the agricultural industry with land
maintenance tools that are sold around the globe.  Dougherty Forestry’s logo “Turbo Saw” is one of the most recognizable names for clearing unwanted trees and brush.
     The key to Turbo Saw’s success lies in its high speed cutting disc, durable carbide teeth, and exclusive features.  These features, along with specific emphasis on safety and committed customer support, have given Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing strong and
expanding sales for nearly a decade.  
     Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is a family company financed, developed, and managed by the Dougherty family in Hinton Okla.  What began as a simple solution to clear unwanted trees from their ancestral pasture land grew into the involvement of three generations of Doughertys, and rapidly became the best selling line of tree and brush cutters available today.  Their expansion and success can be attributed to the dedication of making quality high performance products.  From the manufacturing process, to sales and  service Dougherty Forestry keeps its family origins and values that have placed their company at the forefront of their industry.
     The Turbo Saw is a fast and safe
way to cut trees, brush, and limbs in any type of terrain.  This attachment easily removes soft woods like Cedars, Cottonwoods and hardwoods such as Mesquite, Scrub Oak, Chinese Tallow or Osage Orange.  This attachment can handle a variety of tree sizes and cuts eight times faster than shear type clippers.  It also cuts below the ground creating a safe smooth finish.  
    David Helson of the City of Oklahoma City said this about the Turbo Saw.
     “We hooked our saw up to a Skid Steer and we have noticed a vast increase in efficiency and production. The speed and accuracy of the Turbo Saw is much more productive than that of a shear attachment,”
said Helson.     
     Through smarter technology, stronger support, and added features the Turbo Saw out performs the competition.  They feature hydraulic hoses, couplers, a built in sprayer tank with pump, a full mesh shield, hydraulic disc break, and a pushing guard as standard equipment.
     The saws have a speed range that runs between three inches to ten inches per second and maximum cutting capabilities between 12 to 40 inches in diameter.  They are compatible with virtually every skid steer loader and tractor which makes them a versatile machine capable of producing high productivity.  There are two main types of skid steer saws which are the torque saw and the high speed saw.  The torque saw is designed exclusively for standard flow skid steers and operates off hydraulic pressure rather than hydraulic volume.  The high speed saw can operate high or low flow skid steers, but both are ideal for pasture maintenance, clearing land , stump removal and brush removal.
     For more information about the Turbo Saw visit or call Great Plains.


4 thoughts on “The Original Turbo Saw – Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is local and leading the way…

  1. I have a Kubota Grand L3240 purchased new in 2010 and recently sold the Kubota back-hoe system I bought it with as my needs were better served with pull-type attachments. I need a tree and brush cutter but don’t know if the Turbo-saw would work with my unit. 35 HP gross and 28 HP PTO – what do you recommend?

    1. The LT3200 Turbo Saw lists a minimum PTO of 28hp. Being at the bottom of the PTO requirement means that it would likely work well on small trees but you could be disappointed when cutting larger trees. As with all attachments, it depends upon your conditions. We have tested nearly all of the types of brush control attachments for tractors and skid steers and have gained quite a bit of experience with what tools are the best for each individual situation. I would be happy to discuss in detail if you would like to call our Ada dealership.

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