Founded By Quality – A local company uses Kubota equipment to maintain their high level of electrical services.

     Equipment is essential to Patco Electrical Services maintenance operations.  Before purchasing their Kubota compact tract loaders and mini-excavators, the company relied upon rented equipment.
     As an electrical company, Patco’s business is primarily based on new installation and maintenance of existing services.They use Kubota equipment because, like their employees, their equipment must have the capability of performing multiple tasks. Oklahoma City Division Manager,Kevin Stewart, commented on why they chose to purchase Kubota.
         “Before we bought the Kubota equipment, we rented, which has its benefits, but ultimately costs time.  For example the Ditch Witches worked well for digging trenches but that was pretty much it.  We couldn’t do what was needing to be done.  Our Kubotas are used for everything.  Their variety of attachments and ease of use increased productivity.  We’ve had the Kubotas for about a year now, and we have had no problems with them.  These machines are running eight hours a day so they are vital to our operations,” said Stewart.     
     Patco Electrical Services has served Oklahoma since 1993 with unparalleled experience and quality in electrical services and construction.  What sets them apart from their competitors is their ability to deliver quality services in a timely and cost-effective manner.  One key to their success is that their employees are as versatile as their machines.  Most equipment operators are just that, equipment operators, but for this company their electricians both operate the machinery and execute the technical aspects of electric installation.  Because their customers are their most important asset, they employ only the finest technicians in the industry.  Their slogan, “It’s The Quality That Counts”, is reflected in not only their highly skilled employees but in the quality machines they use.
     Patco has offices in Lawton, Duncan, and Oklahoma City.  Each office serves the industry of the area.  In Lawton Patco works with military contracts.  Their Duncan office provides services for Halliburton, and in Oklahoma City they do a lot of oil field work.  Currently they are working on a large Devon Energy job in which their Kubota U35, KX121, and two SVL 75s are operating around the clock.
     In today’s fast pace job force we find companies devoting more time and energy to quantity rather than quality.  What sets Patco Electric apart is their dedication to providing a fine finished product, and their foundation of quality employees and equipment.     

Founded By Quality was published in the Autumn 2013 issue of Great Plains living, the official magazine of Oklahoma’s Kubota tractor dealer, Great Plains Kubota. 


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