Embrace the Cold

Winter has a way of keeping people indoors where it’s warm.  I say don’t let negative temps and wind chills slow you down because there is plenty of fun to be had in the winter months of Oklahoma.
In the winter there are a few activities I do to satisfy my outdoor urges.  Here’s my list of frigid fun, and tips to make cold weather more enjoyable!
Cold Weather Camping – Camping in the cold is all about keeping warm and eating well.  Half the fun is getting bundled up and simply enjoying the warmth of a campfire.  Plus, camping in the “off-season” is a great way to dust off the gear and get it ready for warmer weather.
Freezing Fishing – Fishing is a year round sport.  This time of year I capitalize on three forms of fishing that either can’t be done or aren’t as productive during  warmer months.  First, and possibly the most fun is snagging.  With a sandy bottom river and the right rig, snagging can produce a day full of fun and BIG fish.  My father-in-law introduced me to snagging on the Red River for monster alligator gar.  Since then I’ve been hooked.  Trout season is also in full swing during the winter.  My favorite spot is Blue River.  The trout at Blue are bigger and more plentiful than ever.  Trout fishing is a great way to fish with lighter gear and simply enjoy scenery and perhaps a picnic by a waterfall.  Last, shallow water jugging for big blue cats is a must do, but it isn’t for the cold natured.  Being out on the water will undoubtedly get you wet.
It’s rough conditions, but the payoff is BIG,
BIG, catfish.
Predator Hunting – What fun would the outdoors be without hunting?  Predator hunting is at it’s peak in the winter and it’s a great transition between deer and turkey season.  All this is fun, but really I’m ready for warmer weather.

By Reed Boettcher –  (Publisher)

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