Doctor’s Orders – Take Advantage of Down Time to Service Equipment

     It is easy to get a bad case of cabin fever when the cold weather, snow and rain of winter descends on Oklahoma.  
     It’s hard to be motivated when the temperature is below freezing and the wind is howling.  However, for the lucky ones who have a nice shop, this is a perfect time to catch up on some equipment maintenance.  During the spring and summer, we find ourselves so busy trying to get everything planted, plowed and mowed that we sometimes lose track of our maintenance schedule.  That’s what makes this a perfect time of year to catch up.  With no grass to mow, hay to bale or garden to be tended, you should have a little extra time to maintain (change oil, check fluids, grease) and repair your equipment.  
     Make sure to check the number of hours you have run your tractor since last changing the oil.  Also, it is really easy to forget or overlook grease fittings, make sure and review your owner’s manual or at least do a thorough inspection to make sure you are finding them all.  All of that and a quick look at the air filter and you should be ready for spring.  Just remember the old saying, “Go slow and grease often!”    



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