Kubota Tech Tips By Great Plains Kubota

     There are a few simple things you can do this winter to insure your Kubota equipment will perform the way it’s supposed to this spring.  Below I’ve highlighted what is important, and given some personal recommendations.  As always read and know your owners manual.  I can’t stress the importance of the owners manual enough.
     If your Kubota has been sitting all winter start by opening the hood and inspecting for rodent and bird nests.  People underestimate the devastation rodents can do to wiring and the fact they may have rodents.  It only takes one to send a machine to the shop.  After a good visual inspection check the oil and hydraulic levels,  air filters, and hoses.  It’s also a good idea to inspect the sediment bowl to make sure nothing harmful will go through the system when you do start your engine.
     Lubrication is the lifeline of any machine.  After you’ve checked the lubricates and properly greased the points I suggest cleaning your machine.  If you start and end jobs with a clean machine you’ll get better performance.  Another important fluid to keep in mind is your fuel.  Clean fuel is a must and cold fuel can gel.  Diesel 911 is a great additive that prevents gelling.
     After you’ve inspected and cleaned your machine it needs to start and run prior to use.  Before you start to use it regularly start the machine and let it get up to operating temperature.  Then run through the functions.  I don’t suggest letting machines set idle because it is extremely hard on them.  These few tips will help your equipment when preparing for regular use.  If you know your machine must sit idle invest in a battery maintainer.  Block heaters are good to have as well.  The easiest thing you can do if you are letting your equipment idle is start it one to three times a week and let it get up to temp.  Last, if it isn’t in use, block the clutch so that the clutch disc doesn’t seize to the fly wheel.
     What you put into your machine is what you get out of it.  You can do the simple steps to take care of your equipment, or I can take care of it after the fact.  The latter is usually more expensive.  Be safe, know your manual, and have a great spring season!


For more information about Kubota service and maintenance contact Great Plains Kubota at 855-4KUBOTA or visit us online at www.greatplainskubota.com


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