Our Neighbors Allan and Allicia


The following letter was emailed from two customers of Great Plains Kubota that drove from their home in Alberta Canada to Ada Oklahoma to purchase a used Kubota tractor from Great Plains Kubota.    

A bit of hindsight on our adventure started with the need of a small yard tractor to help clear snow off our 1/8 mile driveway at our newly acquired old place, located in central Alberta, Canada. The decision was made with a twist, why not enjoy some history and scenery of a state or two in which we have never visited in the United States. So with a few Kubota model numbers in mind, we started an online search and found just what we were looking for, an older 25 hp, four wheel drive L-Series with a loader in Ada Oklahoma sold by Great Plains Kubota. The tractor was well used and needed some work, however this helped keep the cost down for we are starting out in the equipment department. The drive with a truck and flat deck trailer was 27 hours one way and our friends and family thought we (or more so I) were nuts, but we must say it was quite enjoyable. There is a lot of barren land between us, for example east Colorado and Kansas, but they were amazing in their own way.  Arriving in Oklahoma in November was a complete delightful surprise as some farmers were still harvesting and the landscape was beautiful with rolling hills and vegetation still full of color while our harvest time was over in early September, with snow on the ground and the trees having turned.
     Then came Mr. Johnny Walton (John Boy) whom I had been dealing with at Great Plains Kubota since the start of this stray idea. Usually sales people are a pain in my butt, however this time it was a reversal (I was the pain in his butt), Johnny did a top notch job helping us carry out the task of purchase, pick up, and export.  My hat is off to you Johnny. We had time limitations to get back for work so we had to leave as fast as we arrived with the tractor loaded up. Unfortunately we missed a football game that Johnny had invited us to watch with him and his wife.  Also we missed the opportunity to try a “mud bug” that he was raving about.  It’s on our list for the next time we are passing through! It is February and we are still pleased with the little tractor, having made a few repairs, one being the addition of a block heater!
     Thanks again to Johnny and Great Plains Kubota!! From your neighbors  Allan and Alicia….


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