Ram Jack Utilizes Kubota – Ram Jack University and the Kubota K008 Offer More to Company



In the late 1960s a local company called Gregory Enterprises began working in the foundation repair industry.  Unlike other companies that were mimicking the unreliable industry methods Gregory Enterprises invested in technology.  A few years later the Ram Jack Steel Pile was born along with a company committed to providing a reliable system for repairing residential and commercial foundations, and delivering complete customer satisfaction.
     In 1995 Ram Jack began constructing a network of foundation specialists that would soon offer their systems across North and South America.  Today Ram Jack employees are highly trained in the proper installation of the Ram Jack system and strict quality control procedures and specs ensure their products virtually never fail.
     With franchises throughout the Americas Ram Jack is recognized as a leader in foundation repair and solutions, and their attention to customer satisfaction is just as important as their products.  Since their inception they have focused on making their customers happy and relaxed about their homes foundation repairs.  Some of their franchises have taken the installation process to new levels of precision and effectiveness by utilizing Kubota K008 mini excavators. 
     Much like Ram Jack, Kubota is a company dedicated to a product that never fails.  Kubota mini excavators are one of the top selling mini excavators in the world for a reason.  These versatile machines create new avenues for growth by increasing productivity and overall profit.  One Ram Jack franchise in Florida utilizes the features of the Kubota K008 to better customer satisfaction and employee working conditions.  Ram Jack Production Coordinator, Austin Graham commented on their use of the mini excavator at their Florida location.
     “We could operate without the Kubota mini excavators, but we wouldn’t be as profitable.  When I first started working here we dug everything by hand as well as drove steel by hand.  We would show up on a jobsite and dig all day long so, I got to thinking about getting an excavator to dig the holes for us.  We bought the smallest excavator Kubota sold which was the K008 for the purpose of digging.                      
After using it to dig I realized that it had just enough reach to drive steel.  So I made an adapter to fit on the excavator that we could hook our drive head up to.  Now our Kubota K008 does everything for us.  It digs and drives the steel.  This set up really works well for our residential applications because we can drive them through doors and they don’t tear anything up,” Graham stated. 
     He was told that he wouldn’t be able to do the tasks necessary to perform the foundation repair operations with the K008s, but it has been quite the opposite.  Not only do the excavators perform the tasks, but they  shorten job time and drive the piles with more precision.  Overall the jobs are more professional.  Graham now strictly uses Kubota excavators on all his job sites.  He mentioned the initial factor for choosing Kubota was because of their reliability.  They’ve had a Kubota L48 with a backhoe attachment at their yard for a few years, and never had any of trouble with it.  This paired with the fact that Kubota offers pretty much the smallest mini excavator available is why Graham uses Kubota.  “Their K008s are by far, a more versatile machine than people think”,  Graham noted their performance on site.
     “People thought the weight of the machine would not be able to handle our applications, but I can say we’ve installed over three to four thousand piles with the drive head attached to the K008 and haven’t had a single problem,” mentioned Graham.  
     Not every Ram Jack franchise uses Graham’s Kubota method.  In fact, the dealership that Graham works for in Florida is an exception.      
     “I don’t know why other dealerships don’t utilize these machines?  There are three reasons we use Kubota.  One, we drastically increase production.  Two, they help minimize fatigue which keeps moral of a job positive.  Third, our sites are more professional looking with the Kubotas.  We don’t look like backwoods hillbillies showing up to dig a hole.  Competitors have even noticed and commented on how impressed they were,” said Graham.
     The Kubota K008 mini excavator has benefited overall customer satisfaction and employee performance on a local level.  On a national level Ram Jack uses Ram Jack University or RJU to solidify practices and employees.
     Ram Jack University is an information base conference that betters individual franchises, and the company as a whole. Ram Jack University is going to be held the first week in March in Ada, Okla.  It is held twice a year, and gives all Ram Jacks locations the opportunity to get together and receive training, exchange ideas, and preview the new products their company has to offer. 
     Whether it be through further training or customized ways of installation, Ram Jack’s dedication to providing a top quality experience and product hasn’t changed since their beginning.


For more information about Kubota excavators visit www.greatplainskubota.com


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