Great Plains living Turns Two

eviewing the covers of the past eight issues reassures me that Great Plains living is going in the right direction.  It’s been two years since Great Plains Kubota president, Bill Clark and I decided to produce a quarterly magazine.  During this time the distribution of Great Plains living has grown from 5,000 to 13,000.  During this time GP has also grown as a dealership, first with Great Plains Shawnee, and now with Great Plains Edmond.  We thank all our wonderful customers and dedicated readers, because without you GP wouldn’t be the dealership it is today.
     I try to reserve my editorial space for my passion of writing about the outdoors.  For example, my new goal of fishing at least once a week would make a great topic for this spring issue, but being the two year anniversary issue I feel it’s important to briefly skim the last 256 pages of Great Plains living.
     The Spring 2012 issue taught our first readers the importance of equipment maintenance.  They were given a history lesson about Polaris, and read about what makes the Weed Wiper so effective.  Like the current issue, the spring 2012 cover featured our spokesmen Cord and Jet McCoy, whose images and representation have impacted our advertising over the past two years.  Readers also learned how helping others is part of what GP does in the articles Helping Hands and A Place for Hope.
     The Summer 2012 issue showed cattle producers an effective grazing practice, in Bale Grazing 101.  The Crossbar ranch in Davis was featured, and readers learned the small town of Clarita had more to offer than an auction.  Again, the importance of Christian faith was explored in From Fitzhugh to Kotzebue.            
     The Fall 2012 issue featured two hunting articles, Great Plains Shawnee was introduced, and the importance of fostering children was covered in Bridging the Gap.
     Be Prepared…Use Kubota was the Winter 2013 cover story about how Camp Simpson used Kubota equipment.  The first customer submitted article was published, and readers found how the Oklahoma Outdoor Outreach impacts those with disabilities.
     The cover of Spring 2013 displayed the residential Kubota Kommander mower.  Long time Kubota owner Bob Harris couldn’t say enough about his Kubota tractors, and readers learned customer service has been apart of the GP family since 1932.  Storm Shelters Plus gave insight to the “plus” side of owning a Kubota excavator, and the impact Fall Creek has worldwide was covered.
     When Disaster Strikes the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief crews are there to help.  Other Summer 2013 articles covered rattlesnake hunting, a nearly fatal tractor accident, and riding RZRs on the red river.
     Fall 2013 explained the impact grass has on rotational grazing in the article Fields of Dreams.  A Close Connection explored how Brad Clay’s national TV show, Final Descent connects God and hunting.  Readers also learned how a local riding group called the Oklahoma Mud Mafia was there to help.
         The Winter 2014 issue told readers about the GP sponsored TV show, the Land Doctors.  Two new customers and our neighbors to the far north were featured on the cover because they drove from Alberta to Ada to purchase a used Kubota.  Great Plains Edmond was introduced as the newest GP dealership, and Kubota announced their new line of hay equipment.  Readers learned they could rent Kubota equipment in Ada and Edmond, and read how the Polaris Ace was truly one of a kind.  Finally, the article Compassion Without Judgement reflected God’s work through a
local mission.  “Thanks for reading.”


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