How To Package Your Next Kubota

Kubota packages are popular at Great Plains Kubota, because they provide additional savings while completely meeting the needs of the customer.  Kubota packages at GP are simple, here’s how:
How do I package a Kubota?
A Kubota package can be created by purchasing three or more implements with any piece of Kubota equipment.  Typically Kubota packages refer to tractor packages that utilize frequently used implements like the box blade or rotary cutter.  GP keeps several tractor packages assembled and in stock ranging from 30 – 50 HP.  These packages typically include a trailer, box blade and rotary cutter.  To clarify, a trailer is considered an implement in our packages; however, the Kubota front end loader is not.  With the variety of quality implements and attachments at Great Plains Kubota the package combinations are almost endless.
What is different about GP Kubota packages?
GP offers premium, performance matched Land Pride implements as well as a variety of specialty attachments designed for specific tasks.  Packages are designed to save customers money. By discounting a percentage off the three or more implements purchased in conjunction with a Kubota customers save a significant amount.
Is a Kubota package right for me?
A great benefit of purchasing a Kubota package is everything can be financed together.  Packages are truly ideal for customers that are needing a finance purchase, and new or replacement implements.  GP packages are perfect for first time tractor buyers, or those with small farms, hunting leases, or recreational properties.  For customers who choose not to finance, discounts are still applied when three or more implements are purchased with Kubota equipment.


Ku•bo•ta pack•age (kooboh-ta / pak-ij)
1.  a powerful Kubota vehicle with large, heavy treads, designed to work for farm or construction applications ect., purchased in conjunction with three or more premium implements or attachments, to create additional customer savings.
See Great Plains Kubota for additional definitions.


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