The New Kubota Z700 Series Mower (A new standard in commercial grade cutting)

     If there’s one thing Kubota knows it’s how to innovate equipment.  No other competing manufacturer provides the maneuverability the versatile lineup of Kubota zero-turn mowers offer.  From small residential yards, to large acreages, Z-series mowers fulfill the needs of lawn care professionals and homeowners alike.  Designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use, they combine high output gas or diesels engines with a host of features, enabling them to handle any mowing situation.
     The all new Kubota Z700 series commercial mowers provide the superior cutting performance, easy operations, and maximum comfort the pros need to stay on top in their competitive business.  All three 700-series models are equipped with a deep six inch deck and anti-scalp rollers to ensure the fast, clean cut demanded by professionals.
     With the introduction of the 700-series,  pros can now own a Kubota commercial mower at a competitive price.  Kubota hasn’t sacrificed quality for price.  Instead they designed a line of affordable commercial mowers with the same high standards customers expect in a Kubota zero turn.  The ergonomic features of these new mowers make operations smooth and maintenance easy.  The 700-series also ensures a high level of stability, because the fuel tank is located under the seat, and it features wide rear tires.  They are powered by KOHLER Command PRO engines which give this lineup excellent performance and lasting  durability.
     Kubota has created three perfect commercial mowers that feature every aspect lawn care professionals need to succeed.
Kubota Z723KH – The 723 is completely designed and manufactured in the USA.  This heavy duty mower takes on tough jobs with a 694cc air-cooled gas engine, and 48 inch cut.
Kubota Z724KH – Comfort and convenience meet rugged durability in the 724.  This mower is equipped with a larger 747cc air-cooled gas engine and 54 inch mower deck.
Kubota Z725KH – The top of the line 725 zero turn is the ultimate choice for commercial grade quality.  It to has a 747cc air-cooled gas engine, but features a big 60 inch cut.
     The renowned reliability of Kubota’s innovative products make their new 700 series a clear cut choice for real lawn care professionals.


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