Tree Management Made Easy

     People generally think of compact track loaders as being an ideal piece of equipment for construction applications.  However, Kubota SVL75 and SVL90 compact track loaders could possibly be the most versatile machine on a farm or ranch.  Tree removal, for example can be an arduous task.  Thankfully there are a variety of attachments specifically designed to work with the Kubota SVL series that: saw, snip, cut, pull, tear, dig, mulch, mow, haul, and completely obliterate smaller to medium sized trees.  Here’s a preview of several attachments available at Great Plains Kubota that feature different methods.
Stump Buckets – The basic design of stump buckets enables them to up-root trees with ease.
Tree Shears – Simply put, shears are like large scissors. In one cut the M&M Hydra-Clip can cut 16” trees flush to the ground.  
Tree Saws –   Tree saws are quick and effective. Both the Marshall Tree Saw and the Turbo Saw are capable of cutting hundreds of trees an hour. The Marshall Tree Saw has a uniquely powerful blade that isn’t affected by mud and rock, while the Turbo Saw uses a high speed circular cutting disc to cut at speeds of up to ten inches per second in both horizontal and vertical positions.
Mulchers – Mulchers are the one stop shop attachment for complete tree obliteration.  They work slower, and are more expensive than other attachments, but leave nothing but a pile of shavings in their wake. The Kubota SVL and Bradco Magnum Mulcher are the ultimate combo for complete tree control.
Grapples – Grapples are essential for handling and piling the large amounts of downed trees shears and saws create.  Unless a mulcher is being used, grapples are a must have attachment in any tree removal job.



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