Kubota Salesman's Daughter

Addicted to Gunpowder & Lead

Ashton Huffstutlar wasn’t interested in playing school sports, but her parents, Gary and Monica insisted she do some sort of extra curricular activity.  When her father, Gary, a salesman at Great Plains Ada asked what she thought about shooting sport clays Ashton was hesitant, but willing to give it a try.  Little did the two of them know that a simple after school activity would inspire Ashton to shoot her way to college.
Breaking a few hand thrown clays sparked a serious interest in Ashton, and the need for her own gun became prevalent.  Then Gary met John Stafford, a Great Plains Ada customer, who shot in shotgun competitions.  Stafford sold them a Beretta 12 gauge, but had much bigger plans for the young shooter.  For the last three years Stafford has coached, and taken Ashton to shooting events in several states.  With his help and support she’s shot over 26,000 registered targets in sporting clays, trap and skeet.
“My goal is to better my shooting sport abilities to get a college scholarship.  Thanks to my parents, and John this is an obtainable goal.  Since I’ve started, I’ve placed  in numerous competitions with my Krieghoff K80 ProSporter.  It takes practice to be good at anything.  Currently I’m preparing for Nationals that will take place in October, where I hope to win Ladies Champion,” said Ashton.
Now a Junior at Allen High School, Ashton continues her scholarship pursuit.  If she achieves this goal, she will be the first student from Allen to receive a scholarship in a shooting sport, but if it weren’t for her parents, and a great Kubota customer, she might not have a crowded trophy shelf that displays the first clay she ever broke!



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