Hog Hunting…Chopper Style

hog hunts

Great Plains Kubota sponsor Brad Clay of Final Descent Outdoors with a few nice oinkers’ taken on a Chopper hunt in Oklahoma this February!  Although this method seems somewhat brutal or unsportsman like it is an effective and thrilling way to manage the out of control populations of these destructive animals.  Wild hogs ruin crops, attack livestock, and wipe out forage foods of native species.  Despite there bad reputation I have great respect for these animals.  They are smart and very adaptive to their surroundings.  The sad thing is the best qualities are the same ones that make them a target for erratication.  In a lot of ways they remind me of us.  They move into an area, take over, and completely deplete the resources they want and move on.  Great Plains Kubota sponsors the hunting show Final Descent Outdoors which airs on the Pursuit Channel.  The shows faith based approach to hunting makes it a good fit to for GP as does the Kubota equipment utilized by the hunters of the show.  Hauling out a large wild boar from the thick brush is a lot easier with a Kubota RTV utility vehicle.  Check out more hunting photos and info on our Facebook page.


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