Always Finish What You Start

By: Bill Clark (President Of Great Plains Kubota)

From: 2015 Summer Issue of Great Plains living

I grew up in Duncan near the Chisolm Trail, which ran very close to what is now Hwy. 81.  In fact, the Chisolm Trail Heritage Museum is now located a few hundred feet from the home I lived in until the sixth grade.  Museums have been built, movies have been made, and numerous books written to commemorate this important part of history.  Even though I literally grew up next to the trail, I took for granted what it took to complete the task of driving cattle to market.  To drive cattle up the Chisolm Trail was hard, dangerous, and dirty work that once started, couldn’t be stopped until the mostly wild longhorn cattle were delivered to their pens near Abilene, KS.  It usually took over two months to complete the entire journey from south Texas to northern Kansas.  These cowboys had no weekends, no time off for injuries, no comp time, no compressed work schedules, just a little sleep on the ground while working to keep the cattle together and headed up the trail.  This determination is one of the characteristics that made the American Cowboy a hero in the minds of many, and has shaped what we know of today as a good work ethic.
I can imagine that many of the cowboys wanting to hire on for the ride were told by the cow boss that if they started, they had to finish.  In fact, most of the cowboys got paid at the end of the trail when the cattle were sold, so if they quit along the way they didn’t get paid anything.  Even if there is not payday at the end, there’s still the satisfaction in completing what you start, especially when the job isn’t easy.  I vividly remember coming home from school one day wanting to try out for football, and my Dad warning me that it will be tough.
He said, “Billy, if you start, you can’t quit.”
On the hot two-a-day practices that I sure thought about quitting on, but I’d hear my Dad’s words ringing in my ears, and knew that I just had to tough it out.  We didn’t have a winning team, but I was really glad I finished when I got my new letter jacket.
Finishing what we start at Great Plains Kubota is a key part of our brand promise of, “The Brand That Works For You.”  You have work to do, and our job is to be sure that your equipment is prepared for the task.  Our commitment is that if we service your equipment, and it’s not right, it will be on us.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and truly want to know if we have not completed the job we started.  Not just because we want to get paid, but because we want to finish what we started in order for you to complete your work.
Arguably, on of the wisest person who ever lived was King Solomon.  He tried everything under the sun hoping to find meaning and fulfillment in life.  He found very few things that truly brought about satisfaction.  He did find that finishing something was better than starting something.  He wrote in Ecclesiastes 7:8 – Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:


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