Something Big This Summer – Kubota’s New SSV Skid Steer Loader Offers New Level Of Productivity –

During the last few years job sites and ranches have seen the coming and advancement of Kubota compact track loaders.  Now, with the SSV, Kubota has set new standards in skid steer loader performance and operator comfort.
Kubota’s new wheeled skid steers will continue to provide the outstanding power and exceptional comfort operators have come to expect, while at the same time, offering a new level of productivity.  Kubota’s SSV is designed to get the job done faster, and keep operators working comfortably, both of which are proven to increase productivity.  Lets take a look at the factors of performance and comfort which make this happen.
– Outstanding Performance –
High productivity requires versatility, and that’s exactly what to expect with  the new Kubota SSV65 and SSV75.  Their ability to travel at low or high speed ranges while executing multiple functions is backed by powerful Kubota engines.  This abundant power, provided by Kubota’s turbocharged four cylinder diesel engines makes multiple functionality easier and more effective.
– Exceptional Comfort –
Operator comfort begins in the spacious, fatigue friendly cab that promotes less stress, allowing operators to stay alert all day.  The wider entrance means easier entry and exit.  The convenient sliding front door can be opened or closed regardless of the loader position.  The Kubota optimized air conditioning and climate controlled cab keeps operators clean and alert during any kind of weather or work conditions.  Another standard feature on Kubota’s new skid steers is the new side light  which expands operator’s visibility while working in low light conditions.
If you’re looking for big performance enhancing features to optimize your levels of productivity this summer look no further than the all new Kubota SSV!


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