10 Things To Know About Kubota’s New Balers

Kubota Baler
Put Kubota balers to the test this summer.

There’s only one brand you need to know this hay season, Kubota!  With the introduction of the BV-Series round balers Kubota now offers the confidence of Kubota quality to there hay tool line-up.  Below are a few of the highlighted features that set Kubota balers apart from the other guys.
1.  Multi-Crop Capable – Kubota’s BV4160 and BV4180 Round Balers have multiple crop capabilities.  They can be used in a variety of harvests such as silage, hay, or straw.  The bale chamber of the Kubota BV4160 and BV4180 offer bale diameters from 31 inches to 71 inches respectively.  Bale diameter is easily adjusted with the control terminal.
2.  Take Full Control – The control terminal is somewhat different than what most hay producers in our area are used to, however it is simple and easy to use.  The terminal can control: bale diameter, density and core adjustment, baler growth, bale formation, twine or net tying selection and adjustment, and much more.  This universal control terminal can be used with other Kubota implements as well.
3.  Productive Design – Kubota balers are high capacity pick-up balers that feature a low profile design.   The efficient fork feeder intake provides a direct feed into the bale chamber, while its wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity for a fast and efficient baling process.
4.  Easy to Use Balers – Ease of use and access has been incorporated in each baler.  The top hinge doors on both sides create easier maintenance and cleaning.  In all, Kubota balers are easy to use and maintain, and require less maintenance which means more productivity in the field.
5.  Dense Bales – These are variable chamber balers that create high density bales with a tight outer layer. The baling chamber combines three rollers and five wide belts that ensure a smooth bale start and rotation. The aggressive front rollers ensure an instant start while the small pre-chamber begins the formation of well shaped dense bales.  As the bale grows, so does bale density.
6.  Dual Twine Tying –  The dual arm twine tying system means simultaneous binding of both bale edges.  Twine is evenly spaced across the bale and is overlapped in the center which provides no loose ends.
7.  Powerbind Netwrap – The patented PowerBind net wrap system allows Kubota balers to eliminate many high wear items associated with the old feed rollers.  Instead, the net is fed directly into the bale chamber by injection plates.  This design keeps the net tight at all times, and provides accurate and reliable net injection.
8.  Low Maintenance – The main bale chamber is driven by a heavy duty pitch chain allowing for longer lifespan and reduced maintenance.  In addition, the split drive gearbox ensures power is distributed evenly thus reducing wear.
9.  Field Tested, Kubota Approved – The BV series balers have been tested for over five years and have produced thousands of bales in every type of working conditions. Kubota is confident their new round balers have meet and exceed customer standards.
10. Kubota Quality – The BV series round balers are high quality balers with features that produce almost perfect bales.  Customers can expect the same legendary Kubota reliability trusted in their tractors with the new BV-Series balers.


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