Busting Boars


The war on feral hogs has been waging for years.  Land owners have always done battle with this invasive beast, but until now it seems their efforts have been in vain.  The innovative efforts and research of the Noble Foundation combined with the manufacturing know how of W-W Livestock Systems have created a solution to this loosing war.  The BoarBuster™  is a revolutionary new trap design that is unlike any other hog trap on the market.  It’s designed to catch a higher number of hogs in an effective and effortless manner.

Like other invasive species feral hog populations have negative effects on the ecosystems they inhabit, and they cause over a billion dollars in damage among the 48 states they’re now present in.   Scientific research suggests that 70% of the identifiable population must be reduced every year in order to control their ever-growing numbers.  Likewise, studies performed on Noble Foundation properties as well as other locations across the US revealed that The BoarBuster™ system captured 88% of the selected feral hog populations.  This percentage is a stark contrast to the 49% or lower, conventional trapping methods average with the same populations.  Basic control methods such as hunting or conventional traps simply can’t reduce or even contain their growing numbers.  So what makes The BoarBuster™ so effective?  The key to this trap’s success is in the science of it’s design.

The BoarBuster™ was created with feral hog behavior in mind.  Hogs are highly intelligent, gregarious animals that travel in what is known as a sounder.  Sounders can contain up to 30 hogs made up of several sows and their offspring.  The dynamic social behavior that feral hogs exhibit is one of the reasons they are so successful, and as a result why conventional traps are unsuccessful.  The BoarBuster™ is suspended which enables hogs to enter the trap from any direction without having to navigate perimeters associated with traditional traps.  This combined with the remote technology allows the “trapper” to deploy the trap when an entire sounder is within the 18 foot trap diameter.

This trapping system uses motion sensor technology to monitor the site, and will send high definition imagery notifications by text or email when activity is occurring.  Basically, it allows the “trapper” to be on location 24 hours a day without physically being there.  The high-tech camera system which monitors The BoarBuster™ delivers live streaming video, day or night, to any smartphone or computer.  This technology provides land owners an effective control strategy that reduces effort and impact on personal life.

This on-the-go method of trapping allows the user to determine the perfect time to set the trap.  By using a smartphone or computer the trap can catch the maximum number of hogs while preventing the trapping of unwanted animals, and it can all be done when it’s most convenient for the user.

With feral hog populations expanding their area of destruction daily it’s imperative to have a trap such as The BoarBuster™ to combat the problems associated with this invasive species.  Lets review the elements that make The BoarBuster™ the most effective system for feral hog control: The suspended trap design reduces trap-shy behavior; the text/email notification and real time video allows for optimal and convenient trap deployment; and finally, it’s portable and easy to assemble or reset.

For more information or purchase inquiries about The BoarBuster™,  visit a Great Plains Kubota location near you.

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