New Kubota M5 and M6 Series Tractors – a new look and clean power with this versatile utility tractor line up


With the final quarter of the year underway, Kubota is set to release three new M-Series tractor line-ups.  The M5, M6, and M7 tractors will vary in features and horsepower, but all feature dramatically cleaner emissions that meet the Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.  M5 and M6 tractors have already arrived at Great Plains Kubota, and the M7’s are scheduled to arrive this winter.
M5-Series (M5-091 / M5-111)
The M5 series may be Kubota’s most versatile utility tractor series to date.  This series features two new models, the 92.5 net HP M5-091, and the 105.6  net HP M5-111.  Both models are available in two or four wheel drive, and feature Ultra Grand Cab II options.  The new spacious cab has increased visibility, and will allow for long hours of comfortable work.  This luxurious cab is six inches bigger than previous models, and the ergonomically redesigned controls are even more operator friendly.
There’s more to the new M5 tractors than an updated cab.  The dramatically cleaner emissions and powerful engines are what truly highlight this line-up.  Under the hood, owners will find Kubota engines that exceed even the latest emissions standards without the sacrifice of power or performance.  Operators will stay productive while working with PTO driven implements thanks to the constant RPM management feature that’s available on these new utility tractors.  This feature will allow operators the electronic control of engine RPMs.  When activated, this system keeps engine revolution constant, and prevents drops in PTO speed which will enable stabler operations.
The multiple transmission speeds offered provide the flexibility operators need.  Available in 8, 12, and 24 speeds, the Electro Hydraulic Shuttle makes shifting between forward and reverse smoother than ever.  As before, these tractors are performance matched with Kubota hay tools and other implements, and are now even more ideal for cattle and large property operations.


M6-Series (M6-101 / M6-111 / M6-131 / M6-141)
Like the M5 series, the larger M6 line of utility tractors are powered by cleaner engines that don’t sacrifice power.  The introduction of these four larger horsepower tractors further expands Kubota strength in the agricultural market, allowing Great Plains Kubota dealerships to serve their customers even more.
Ideal for operating Kubota’s entire line of hay tools, the M6- Series comes in a variety of horsepower ranges.  The M6-101 is packed with a 104.5 HP Kubota engine, the M6-111 a 114.1HP engine, the M6-131 a 131.6, and the largest M6-141 a 141.4 HP Kubota diesel engine.  All M6 models include the 24 speed Intelli-Shift transmission which features an eight speed powershift with high, medium, and low ranges giving operators more control in both forward and reverse.
Kubota Tractor Corporation will expand its prominence in the larger horsepower market even more this winter with the introduction of the M7-Series of tractors.  This line of three utility Ag tractors will include the: M7-131, the M7-151, and the M7-171.  For more information about Kubota’s new line of M-Series tractors visit a Great Plains Kubota near you or call 855-4KUBOTA.

By Reed Boettcher

Published in the Fall 2015 Issue of Great Plains living

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