Great Plains Edmond – A Kubota Benchmark

With the opening of Great Plains Edmond came a whole new level of growth and opportunity for Great Plains Kubota.  It also meant a whole new level of responsibility.  The high profile location of Great Plains Edmond on I-35 and in a metropolitan area, meant that the new dealership must continue to positively represent Kubota Tractor Corporation in every aspect.  From their founding principals, to the functionality of their sales, service, parts, and rental departments  Great Plains Kubota has strived to be a model dealership for Kubota Tractor Corporation.
Recently Kubota has recognized Great Plains Kubota as a premier dealership, and with the services of Bob Clements of Bob Clements International, Kubota will be featuring the Edmond dealership as a benchmark dealership for training purposes.  As an industry leader in helping agricultural and other dealerships improve profitability and efficiency, Bob Clements is working closely with Kubota and its Dealer Development Group to improve Kubota dealerships throughout the nation.  Clements currently works with over 200 various dealerships in the U.S., and both he and Kubota agreed that Great Plains Edmond would be the model dealership to be featured in its turf market dealer training videos.
The group is focusing on the turf market, and its goal is to help define the best practices among its turf dealer networks.  Clements shot footage at Great Plains Edmond for several different videos that would feature the important aspects of the sales, service, and parts departments.  Much like the construction industry, the turf market requires a well stocked parts department to meet the high demands of its customers, as well as an aggressive service department, and a measure of communication amongst the local turf industry.  Great Plains Edmond has all the right features Clements and Kubota were looking for.  Clements elaborated on why Great Plains Edmond was chosen.
“What this training is about is finding ways to improve the customer experience at Kubota dealerships.  After all, Kubota only gets to be Kubota if the dealers do the right thing.  The environment and services at Great Plains already offer the “wow” factor that customers are looking for.  From our perspective, Great Plains Edmond is the ideal location not only because all the elements of an exploratory turf dealer were in place, but because they’re great to work with.  We easily worked around them to shoot our videos during a regular work day.  I consult with over 200 types of dealerships and Great Plains Kubota is as professional as they come,” said Clements.
Much like the dealer development group Great Plains Kubota itself is constantly criticizing and refining its own practices to improve customers’ experiences.  The future awaits for Great Plains Kubota, and customers can anticipate many new things to come.


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