In the trenches with GP RENTS

Adding to the arsenal of rental equipment was inevitable for GP Rents.  The rental department at the Ada, Duncan, and Edmond dealerships have been busy since opening.  So, to meet the demands of their growing rental departments, as well as to add diversity and convenience, GP Rents will now offer Ditch Witch trenchers.
The RT20 walk-behind and RT45 ride-on trenchers now offered are ideal for the rental industry because they provide unbeatable durability and performance.
Ditch Witch RT20
Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers are as solid as they come.  Their heavy duty frames and parts are built to stand up to the most rigourous working conditions.  On the business end of the RT20, a 20.8 HP Honda engine powers the hardest working components of the trencher.  In all, every aspect of this trencher has been created to give renters the most bang for their buck.  At GP Rents the Ditch Witch RT20s rent for $150 a day, $450 per week, and $1,350 per month.
Ditch Witch RT45
With the power and productivity that’s crammed into the RT45, it’s no wonder they’ve been the rental industry’s most requested ride-on trencher for the last 50 years.  These trenchers are the perfect machine for trenching four to five foot trenches.  It features a high torque digging chain motor and a clean running Tier 4 engine.  The RT45 has a choice of trencher, backhoe, earth saw, vibratory plow, micro-trencher, or combination trencher/plow attachment, all of which have the power to force their way through the earth.  Another feature of the RT45 is the ergonomically designed operator’s station.  It’s comfortable and roomy, and the operations are extremely user friendly making it a perfect machine for do-it- yourself customers.  This machine rents for $275 a day, $825 a week, and $2,475 a month.
GP Operations Manager Will Clark commented on the new rental trenchers.
“Adding trenchers to our rental department is the first step in diversifying our rental line-up.  Ditch Witch trenchers are a foundational rental tool.  We have a great relationship with the Oklahoma based company.  For 15 years we’ve purchased equipment from them.  They’re really a great vendor.  I think customers will find these machines a convenient addition to GP Rents,” said Clark.
Rooted in the small community of Perry, Oklahoma the Ditch Witch organization understands the value of its employees, and even though the company recognized the world over they remain true to family and community.  In a town of around 5,000 people, the Ditch Witch plant employees over 1,300.  That’s 1,300 American jobs making American products!
For more information about renting a Ditch Witch trencher from GP Rents visit our newly completed rental website at

“In The Trenches With GP Rents” by Reed Boettcher from the Fall 2015 issue of Great Plains living.


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