Jumping The Gun

I will admit that we may have jumped the gun when trying to make Great Plains living strictly an online magazine.
Due to certain factors at the time we felt like it was our best option to continue, but after the overwhelming response and concern of our readers we’ve decided  that distributing our publication the way we’ve always done is the only option.  GPL will continue to be direct mailed and rack distributed across the counties we serve, and I have to say I’m glad.  People say that print is a dying medium.  However, based on the response of GPL readers I would have to disagree.
I would like to take this time to thank all of our readers who make our magazine possible.  Like our Kubota dealerships, you are the driving force behind our business.  This being said, I encourage our readers to send any and all feedback or story ideas so that we can personalize our magazine even more.  I think that some of the most interesting articles published in this magazine have come from our customers.  It’s the stories of lives being lived, or those methods of operations that truly spark interest among our readers.  Sure it’s always nice to know what’s new with your equipment dealer, and what’s going on around the industries we serve, but your story is what’s most important.  So, if you ever feel compelled to share your story email me at rboettcher@gpkubota.com, and become part of the Great Plains living pages.
The time may come again for us to switch to strictly electronic.  After all, it is more cost effective, and it’s environmentally friendly.  For now I encourage any and all readers to sign up for our digital issue on our homepage at http://www.gpkubota.com as we will be sending the digital issue in conjunction with our print copies.
As for jumping the gun on our previous digital decision.  I take full responsibility, but I have to say that this is not a practice  commonly found at Great Plains Kubota.  As publisher of this magazine I make decisions on what I think is best for both the publication and the reader.  Thanks again to all readers, and enjoy your fall “printed” issue of GPL!

– Reed Boettcher

Sign Up for Great Plains living at the link below!



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