Spring Service Yields Summer Savings

Spring is definitely in the air.  Trees are budding and cool weather crops are being planted, and if you’re like me you’re probably getting anxious to spend more time outside.  For equipment owners, spring also means putting their machines back to regular use.  Before you dust off your mower or hop on your tractor consider these simple tips from the certified Kubota technicians of Great Plains Kubota.
For the second year in a row, Great Plains Kubota has offered winter service specials that run through the end of March.  These specials, depending on the equipment being serviced, typically save customers $150 to $200.  Incentives like free pick up and delivery, or free mower blades are added values to these specials because we want our customers to utilize and understand the importance of scheduled maintenance.  Not only does servicing your machine before springtime use protect your investment, it can lead to savings further down the road.
Proper maintenance is key to any equipment life span and success.  For those who don’t perform their own service, being proactive and having authorized service done before regular usage will save time and money.  A lot of customers wait until the last minute to bring equipment in which creates increased service traffic, and unfortunately can create longer return times. Beat the springtime rush and have it done during early or late winter.  Customers that work our specials to their advantage save money and eliminate any down time.
I know the fast talking jargon surrounding dealerships service departments can get old.  Euphemisms like “factory trained”, or “authorized technicians”, both of which I’ve used in this editorial, may give some the sense of over glorifying mechanics.  The fact is, there is extensive training and product knowledge that comes from servicing Kubota equipment.  This training, along with unlimited information from dealer support, is something you simply can’t get when servicing your own equipment.  In saying this, I’m in no way suggesting that customers shouldn’t or couldn’t take care of their own service needs.  Our friendly parts departments supply Kubota parts to do-it-yourself customers all the time.  Below are a few simple tips for all you non do-it-yourselfers that will stretch your service budget, and improve overall performance regardless of your machine.
Keeping your battery fully charged throughout the year will extend battery life.  There’s nothing worse than a machine that won’t start when there’s work to be done.  Use a trickle charger or simply let it run periodically to help prevent dead batteries.  Another very simple step is to keep your equipment clean.  Always clean your equipment after using it, and definitely before storing it.  Our service department has seen utility vehicle drivelines destroyed because of mud and dirt build up that lead to part failures.  Mowers and implements that aren’t properly cleaned will dull blades faster and could create moisture problems. Tire pressure is another overlooked point.  Low pressure in smaller machines like lawn mowers can cause uneven cuts.  Lastly keeping fresh gas or fuel stabilizer in your unit is a must.
I make it sound like equipment isn’t made to get dirty or can’t handle any misuse, but it can.  There’s nothing I listed that isn’t common sense, yet it’s these common sense maintenance checks that are easily overlooked.


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