Kubota ZD1200 Series Mowers

Kubota has produced over twenty five million diesel engines since 1922.  Their engines are recognized the world over as a symbol of quality and reliability.  Likewise the Kubota ZD Series (diesel mowers) have consistently produced powerful yet clean running mowers that homeowners and lawn care professionals have grown to depend on.  This year Kubota has extended their level of mowing performance and productivity even more with the introduction of the ZD1200 series mowers.
The ZD1211 is available with 60 and 72 inch mowing decks with side or rear discharge.  Both are equipped with a 24.8 Kubota diesel engine, and have several new features that will increase efficiency and productivity.  The ACS or Aerodynamic Cutting SystemTM  of the Kubota pro decks have been designed for optimized airflow.  The ACS decks are built for faster, efficient cutting and discharge.  This improvement results in reduced power consumption and increases fuel economy.  New spindle shafts, blade designs, and a flexible discharge chute all play an integral part in optimizing airflow within the deck.  The deck’s spindle shaft is now larger and more durable, while the redesigned cutting blades are shaped to improve both cutting efficiency and overall load balance.  These new blades also provide a longer service life!
Improved airflow within the deck is a great advancement                      for performance, but there are also several new features that will ensure a smoother ride with the ZD1211 and improve overall comfort.  A more comfortable seat will result in less operator fatigue and great productivity, and that’s exactly what customers are getting with Kubota’s new 1200 series mowers.  With dual armrests, higher backrests, and lumbar support, the fully padded reclining bucket seat ensures a high level of comfort.  The new low profile tires are sure to improve stability and traction on turf and the 3 position damper force adjustment lever lets owners personalize their comfort even more.  The new ergonomically designed control layout and large bright LCD panel allows for faster operations and easier handling.
There’s a lot of changes with the new Kubota 1200 series diesel mowers, but customers can still expect a rugged design powered by a dependable engine that will get through the toughest mowing jobs with ease.  The 1200 series is now available at your local Great Plains Kubota.

For more information about #Kubota mowers visit www.greatplainskubota.com


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