The Cattlemen Connection

Great Plains Kubota and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation Working Together for a Better Tomorrow

The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) is a membership driven organization.  OCA leaders are cattlemen who are physically, emotionally and financially involved in Oklahoma’s beef industry.  In 1979, the OCA leadership took a progressive step toward the future by creating the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation (OCF).  Those leaders recognized the need to establish a financially viable organization that would be charged with the responsibility of supporting those individuals and organizations who commit themselves to the improvement of the beef industry.
The Foundation’s mission is to preserve the heritage of the West and the viability of Oklahoma’s beef cattle industry through research and education.  With the leadership of Bill Clark, Great Plains Kubota, has established itself as a major partner of the OCF with a true passion to help the Foundation accomplish its mission.  This partnership has helped the Foundation expand its scholarship program, and opened many new doors for the youth of our industry by allowing us to set up a scholarship endowment fund within the Foundation. This is the first endowment fund made possible with the help of our allied industry professionals.
When we first went to visit with Bill and Great Plains Kubota in 2014, we weren’t sure what kind of a response we would get. We knew that we wanted to establish an endowed scholarship fund, but we weren’t sure how to get the amount of funds that we needed. Bill never hesitated when we asked him to donate an RTV to be raffled off in order to start the fundraising process. Great Plains Kubota gladly stepped in to help support our youth, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history”.
By the end of 2015, we realized that we were coming up short on the amount of funds needed to create the endowment. Bill and Great Plains Kubota once again stepped up and donated a lawnmower to be raffled off this year and complete the endowment fund. Bill’s generosity and passion for helping others went even further by issuing a challenge to our membership and offering a chainsaw to the member that sold the most tickets this year.
Great Plains Kubota is a major sponsor of all OCF activities and events.  It’s a pleasure to work with Bill and the rest of the crew at Great Plains Kubota.  They respect and believe in our mission and continue be excellent partners whenever and wherever a need arises.
The OCF published its first ever Annual Report for 2015 that was made possible in part by the ongoing relationship with Great Plains Kubota. The annual report highlighted the work of the Foundation and provided transparency for current and future donors.
OCA’s leaders outlined goals for the Foundation to reach by 2020 during a strategic planning seminar last October. By working together with committed supporters like Great Plains, we can reach these goals and make tomorrow better for the Oklahoma beef cattle industry and its youth. Cattle producers can rely that our legacy and livelihood will be passed on to the next generation, and will remain in good hands thanks to outstanding companies, like Great Plains Kubota, that are willing to make huge investments in the next generation.

Partner’s Perspective – Great Plains Kubota President elaborates on the “Cattlemen Connection”

“A lot of us at Great Plains Kubota raise cattle, and are members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.  I think the real question isn’t why would we partner with OCA, but rather, why wouldn’t we partner with the OCA.  As Kubota continues to expand it’s equipment line into the larger Ag market I feel it’s our duty as a Kubota dealership to represent Kubota equipment to the right customer, and OCA members are these customers.  Most of them, like us, depend on equipment to manage their cattle operations, and  while we’re excited for the opportunity to earn new business, our main purpose of supporting the OCA is to help establish a solid
future for the beef industry in Okla.  We hope we
can make a positive contribution, and aid the hard
working men and women of the OCA.”
– Bill Clark

By Jeff Jaronek Published in the 2016 Summer Issue of Great Plains living

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