The Hustler Flip Up

Great Plains has only been selling Hustler mowers for two season, and yet they’ve already reached a “Diamond” dealer status.  The secret to this success lies within the Hustler Turf Equipment name, products, and dealer support that customers want and trust.  Products like the new Hustler Raptor Flip-Up, which was available earlier this spring are why customers seek out Hustler mowers from dealers such as Great Plains.
Hustler Flip-Up mowers are the world’s only high-performance zero turn with “QuickFlip” technology.  These models feature a push button deck lift that makes cleaning and blade changing effortless.  This patent pending technology simply makes mowing life easier.  From deck height adjustment, to creating more storage space, this push button option is one customers young and old can respect.
Some of the highlights of this innovative new model are: a push button deck to raise and lower for easy blade access, automated deck height adjustment, exclusive SmoothTrak™ steering,  SmartChoke™ technology that allows you to turn the key and go, and finally, oversized 20 inch drive tires for added stability.  These are just some of the features that set the Flip-Up apart from other zero turns.  In fact, there really is no comparison to this mower.  With today’s technological advances isn’t it time a residential zero turn lawn mower should provide affordable technology to make mowing easier?  This new mower brings an end to an era of cranking, lifting and crawling under your mower.
The Hustler Flip-Up is the newest member of the Raptor family, and is the easiest mower on the market to own and maintain.  It provides commercial grade performance and productivity at a residential mower price.  If there is one thing that can extend the life of your mower while improving cutting performance it’s having a clean deck with sharp blades.  These time consuming factors can go unattended, but not when there’s a button that does the hard part for you.  How can you put a price on such an option?  One might think that these mowers would burst the residential buyers bubble, but in fact they are only about $1500 more than their standard counterparts.  These new models come in the Raptor 48 and 54 inch deck, both equipped with a Kohler 7000 Series engine.  They also have the best warranty in their class, a three year, 300 hour limited warranty for added peace of mind.
Zero turn mowers are designed for fast, precise cutting, and the Flip-Up is no different.  What makes this mower stand alone is one simple button which does what all other zero turns do, and then some. The Hustler Raptor Flip-Up is not just an easy choice, it’s the only choice.

This story and others posted in this blog are originally published in Great Plains living.  The official magazine of Great Plains Kubota.


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