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The Extra Mile – Kubota Tractor Corporation Puts Engineers In The Field To Ensure Quality

The Extra Mile was written by Reed Boettcher in the Summer 2016 issue of Great Plains living

     When hay season started ramping up, Kubota answered the call.  With the assistance of dedicated Great Plains Kubota customers, along with Miki Kuronuma, Shingo Hanada, and Dave Palmer, GP took to the hay fields to get constructive feedback from Kubota baler customers.  This isn’t a new practice for the Kubota hay tool team though.  They reached out last season as well, however this, the rural Duncan area, was new territory for the team.  Kuronuma of KTC’s Machinery/Business development group along with Hanada, GM of Tractor and Utility Planning Sales and Promotion, and finally Palmer, Sr. Product Manager of Hay tools have invested their time and resources to ensure Kubota’s hay line exceeds customer expectations.
Just north of Duncan you’ll find Marlow, Okla.  Here, a custom baling operation owned by Clyde Harms Sr., his son Clyde Harms Jr., and partner Tom Heinrich puts Kubota equipment to the test on a daily basis.  As committed GP customers, they own and operate several Kubota tractors, disc mower conditioners, and balers.  This baling operation’s passion for Kubota equipment sparked KTC’s interest in garnering feedback by allowing Harms’s operation to test a new baler.  This season, at the risk of their own profits, Harms and company have agreed to use Kubota’s new BV4580 prototype this hay season.  Likewise, Kubota has technicians on call if the experimental 5X6 baler should have any issues.  Kuronuma, explained further why Kubota was going to such great lengths for their equipment and customer base.
“Kubota is deeply committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and while we are relatively new to the hay tool market we are pulling all the stops to ensure our hay equipment is as reliable, if not more than any other manufacturer.  We strenuously test our equipment, then send engineers like myself into the fields with prototypes.  We have 15 prototype balers in the central division ranging from San Antonio all the way to North Dakota.  We are dedicated to our equipment, and take these extra steps to ensure our hard work is not wasted.”
The Kubota hay tool team later visited Dan Wright’s cow calf farm near Loco, Okla. to gain further insight on the BV4180 Premium, which Wright purchased last year.  Wright had this to say about his Kubota baler.
“Overall, I was very impressed with my Kubota baler.  It makes really tight bales, and it seems like you can’t plug it up.  The more hay you feed it, the better it works,” said Wright.
Spending time with vendors and customers is never wasted at Great Plains Kubota.  The time spent in the field proves to us that as a dealership we can rely on Kubota to deliver a product we can stand behind, and offer a reliable way for customers to make a profit.

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10 Things To Know About Kubota’s New Balers

Kubota Baler
Put Kubota balers to the test this summer.

There’s only one brand you need to know this hay season, Kubota!  With the introduction of the BV-Series round balers Kubota now offers the confidence of Kubota quality to there hay tool line-up.  Below are a few of the highlighted features that set Kubota balers apart from the other guys.
1.  Multi-Crop Capable – Kubota’s BV4160 and BV4180 Round Balers have multiple crop capabilities.  They can be used in a variety of harvests such as silage, hay, or straw.  The bale chamber of the Kubota BV4160 and BV4180 offer bale diameters from 31 inches to 71 inches respectively.  Bale diameter is easily adjusted with the control terminal.
2.  Take Full Control – The control terminal is somewhat different than what most hay producers in our area are used to, however it is simple and easy to use.  The terminal can control: bale diameter, density and core adjustment, baler growth, bale formation, twine or net tying selection and adjustment, and much more.  This universal control terminal can be used with other Kubota implements as well.
3.  Productive Design – Kubota balers are high capacity pick-up balers that feature a low profile design.   The efficient fork feeder intake provides a direct feed into the bale chamber, while its wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity for a fast and efficient baling process.
4.  Easy to Use Balers – Ease of use and access has been incorporated in each baler.  The top hinge doors on both sides create easier maintenance and cleaning.  In all, Kubota balers are easy to use and maintain, and require less maintenance which means more productivity in the field.
5.  Dense Bales – These are variable chamber balers that create high density bales with a tight outer layer. The baling chamber combines three rollers and five wide belts that ensure a smooth bale start and rotation. The aggressive front rollers ensure an instant start while the small pre-chamber begins the formation of well shaped dense bales.  As the bale grows, so does bale density.
6.  Dual Twine Tying –  The dual arm twine tying system means simultaneous binding of both bale edges.  Twine is evenly spaced across the bale and is overlapped in the center which provides no loose ends.
7.  Powerbind Netwrap – The patented PowerBind net wrap system allows Kubota balers to eliminate many high wear items associated with the old feed rollers.  Instead, the net is fed directly into the bale chamber by injection plates.  This design keeps the net tight at all times, and provides accurate and reliable net injection.
8.  Low Maintenance – The main bale chamber is driven by a heavy duty pitch chain allowing for longer lifespan and reduced maintenance.  In addition, the split drive gearbox ensures power is distributed evenly thus reducing wear.
9.  Field Tested, Kubota Approved – The BV series balers have been tested for over five years and have produced thousands of bales in every type of working conditions. Kubota is confident their new round balers have meet and exceed customer standards.
10. Kubota Quality – The BV series round balers are high quality balers with features that produce almost perfect bales.  Customers can expect the same legendary Kubota reliability trusted in their tractors with the new BV-Series balers.

Kubota Hay Equipment Now Available


     Kubota has introduced numerous new products this year, but perhaps the most surprising is the introduction of Kubota’s Hay Tool Implements.  Kubota now offers disc mowers, tedders, and rakes to their already impressive line of agriculture equipment. The disc mowers offer effective and reliable performance as well as easy operation for non-stop mowing productivity. Kubota tedders and rakes are the perfect combination to help speed up the drying process and ensure clean raking performance.
DISC MOWERS – Kubota is proud to introduce an extensive new range of side mounted disc mowers, specifically developed for the North American market.  The DM-series side mounted disc mowers offer a working width ranging from 5’6” up to 10’5”. The counter-rotating three blades per disc Kubota mowers are constantly cutting and offer no compromises in performance. This means a third less load per blade; an even load on the drive; and smoother power usage.  The result is neat, clean stubble.  
     Being prepared when mowing season takes place is essential.  The new range of Kubota mowers is designed to offer maximum productivity.

     The Kubota DM2000 models are lightweight, simple mowers with a compact, but durable design for maximum output at a competitive price.  They are offered in working widths of 9’2” and 10’5”.  Featuring the Kubota cutterbar with triangular discs, continuous and excellent cutting performance, especially in difficult crop conditions, is ensured.
     The mowers are equipped with a powerful and flexible spring loaded V-Belt drive.  As the belt loosens, the spring pushes the drive wheel outwards, automatically tensioning the belt.  The DM2000 series is fitted with the Kubota Non-Stop BreakAway system to protect the cutterbar.  The integrated BreakAway system is designed to protect the cutterbar from foreign obstacles.  Upon striking an obstacle in the field the mowing unit swings backwards and up.  This provides maximum protection of the cutterbar.  What this means to the operator is effortless continuous protection for efficient cutting.
     The 2000 series is just as easy to operate as the small 1000 series disc mowers.  Adjustable suspension springs are easily set, to provide the ground pressure required.  Once the machines have been set correctly, all the operations can be done from inside the tractor.  No use of the three point hitch is needed when lifting on headlands or going into transport position.
     Having added hay tools to the line-up means that Kubota is expanding its footprint in the agricultural market.  Great Plains salesman, Brent Elliott, commented on the new products.
     “It is nice to see Kubota is making a quality effort in completing the line of farm and forage equipment.  The disc mowers especially will be a great added bonus for our Kubota customers.  The name Kubota is synonymous with quality and I expect nothing less with their hay tools,” said Elliott.
RAKES – Kubota is also offering it’s first pull-type rotary rake with a working width of 13’9” (4.2m). The Kubota RA1042T is fitted with 11 tangential tine arms and 4 double tines per arm. The high tine frequency ensures clean raking performance, even at reduced rpm and high travel speed.
     Infinitely variable cam track adjustment allows fine tuning to obtain optimum raking and swath formation according to crop conditions.
     The new Kubota RA1042T single rotary rake is designed for low power requirements, while still delivering considerable working width of 13’9”. Offering a pull-type design and linkage mounted drawbar, the Kubota RA1042T can be easily operated by low horsepower tractors.
TEDDERS – The new Kubota TE4052T is designed to optimize performance for producing dry hay. The four rotors, in combination with a wide overlap, ensure complete pick up of the hay and equal distribution over the entire working width. The Kubota TE4052T rotors are driven by a low maintenance gearbox with only one grease point. The bearings from the pinion and crown wheel ensure maximum longevity of the driveline. The low weight of 904 lbs is ideal for applications with small tractors, or on hilly terrain.
series has five tough and reliable models to choose from.  The DM1017, DM1022, DM1024, DM2028, and the DM2032 cutting widths range from 5’6” to 10’5”.
     The new Kubota DM1000 series cutters feature a new heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar, which is designed for low maintenance and quiet operation.  The fully welded cutter with overlapping C-channels has a rigid and sturdy construction, ensuring a very high level of durability.
     The Kubota cutterbar has a high oil capacity which ensures a low working temperature.  The long curved gear wheels run smoothly in oil and provide optimal power transmission with little slack.  Kubota disc mowers also feature a spring loaded break away.  When an obstacle is encountered, the mower swings backwards to protect the cutterbar.  By reversing, the mower is reset into working position.    

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