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Kubota And The Kelly Family

Danny and Tina Kelly know the importance of reliable equipment, and the value of quality work.  The couple bought their first Kubota in 1997.  They now own 5 Kubotas including: three Kubota tractors, a M135GX, M110, B2320, a Kubota SVL compact track loader, and a RTVX-1100 utility vehicle.  Over the years they’ve built a foundation of work ethics and instilled equipment operating knowledge to their four daughters.  Jessie, Madison, Hunter, and Briar can all operate any of the family’s Kubota equipment, but 11 year-old Briar, much like her father, has a true passion for operating Kubota equipment.

Briar, the youngest of the Kelly’s daughters, is the most enthusiastic among her sisters when it comes to using a Kubota.  Impressively, she can run the SVL as well as most operators could.  She even loads and unloads the skid steer from the trailer.  Perhaps Briar’s favorite Kubota is her little B2320 lawn tractor which she uses to clean the stock trailer out after every use.  She’s also the go-to family member when its time to pull their finish mower, but when it comes to time spent in the drivers seat of a Kubota, no one in the family can surpass Danny.

As a foreman for a family oriented company called Ag & Oil, Danny puts his Kubota equipment and advanced operational skills to work.  He uses his skid steer to make landings on rivers, plug spillways, and build and maintain roads for oil field companies.  One of the hardest and most impressive jobs Danny does with his SVL is building river landings.  He basically starts in the Washita river and builds the landing 20 to 30 feet up from the river.  His skid steer usage is by no means limited to oil field applications.  This year he built a cattle lot in which his SVL90-2 was a versatile necessity. During this job the SVL dug post holes, moved materials, and removed trees (even trees that a John Deere dozer couldn’t take down).  As a proficient equipment operator, Danny maximizes his SVL’s capabilities by using an arsenal of skid steer attachments.  Tina even mentioned that “he must have every attachment made for it, or at least wants every new attachment he sees.”  Danny elaborated on the family’s Kubota skid steer.

“Our skid steer is by far my favorite Kubota.  There’s nothing I can’t do with it.  The variety of attachments it can use along with its stability and power make our SVL irreplaceable.”

There’s a Kubota for everyone in the Kelly family, even Tina’s mini Aussie loves to ride in the buddy seat of their M110 tractor and tags along whenever the tractor is in use.  Danny and Tina’s granddaughters, Dani and Henslee Ray, both have Kubota pedal tractors which may be limited in farming applications, but for Danny they’re a way to start teaching them early.

In a family that could choose to ride  one of their ATVs or Polaris RZRs you wouldn’t think the Kubota RTV workhorse would be the first choice for the kids, but it is.  Such is the case of the Kelly family whose brand loyalty goes beyond the color of paint, and into the depths of what it means to be a part of a family.  Tina explained further.

“We have run lots of other brands of equipment, but Kubota is more dependable and seems to have more operating room.  Kubota also has the best insurance money can buy.  They fix everything when needed and never complain.  We go to Great Plains Duncan because Todd, Alex, and the rest of the staff treat us like family,” said Tina.

On any given Saturday Danny and his girls can be found working on the farm or caring for their show calves.  When they aren’t in the seat of a Kubota the Kellys stay busy with sports and showing livestock.  In a time where more emphasis is put on an individual’s needs rather than the groups, the Kelly family shines as an example of how working together can be the most rewarding and satisfying thing in life.  It’s hard working families such as the Kellys that shape the future of Kubota.  They are the backbone that supports the next generation of Kubota owners, and what it means to produce a product with pride.  As part of the Great Plains Kubota family, the Kellys give purpose to our business.  They allow us the opportunity to satisfy their equipment needs which play such an important role in their livelihood.

To learn more about Kubota equipment visit www.gpkubota.com


Something Big This Summer – Kubota’s New SSV Skid Steer Loader Offers New Level Of Productivity –

During the last few years job sites and ranches have seen the coming and advancement of Kubota compact track loaders.  Now, with the SSV, Kubota has set new standards in skid steer loader performance and operator comfort.
Kubota’s new wheeled skid steers will continue to provide the outstanding power and exceptional comfort operators have come to expect, while at the same time, offering a new level of productivity.  Kubota’s SSV is designed to get the job done faster, and keep operators working comfortably, both of which are proven to increase productivity.  Lets take a look at the factors of performance and comfort which make this happen.
– Outstanding Performance –
High productivity requires versatility, and that’s exactly what to expect with  the new Kubota SSV65 and SSV75.  Their ability to travel at low or high speed ranges while executing multiple functions is backed by powerful Kubota engines.  This abundant power, provided by Kubota’s turbocharged four cylinder diesel engines makes multiple functionality easier and more effective.
– Exceptional Comfort –
Operator comfort begins in the spacious, fatigue friendly cab that promotes less stress, allowing operators to stay alert all day.  The wider entrance means easier entry and exit.  The convenient sliding front door can be opened or closed regardless of the loader position.  The Kubota optimized air conditioning and climate controlled cab keeps operators clean and alert during any kind of weather or work conditions.  Another standard feature on Kubota’s new skid steers is the new side light  which expands operator’s visibility while working in low light conditions.
If you’re looking for big performance enhancing features to optimize your levels of productivity this summer look no further than the all new Kubota SSV!


Coming This Spring – Great Plains Edmond…A Whole New Kubota Experience

     Kubota is becoming a household name.  Their equipment is recognized worldwide as a source of reliability and power.  When Kubota approached Great Plains about expanding their name even further, they welcomed the opportunity and accepted the challenge.
     Great Plains is scheduled to open their fourth Kubota dealership in Edmond this spring.  The decision to do so was made in part by Kubota Tractor Corporation relying on Great Plains Kubota to represent their brand in an energetic and fresh light.  The new dealership will consist of about ten well equipped employees.  Being new to the area, the store is designed to serve small acreage homeowners, professional landscapers, and the construction equipment needs of central Oklahoma  The fact that this will be a whole new shopping experience for construction equipment buyers excites Great Plains salesman, David Gregston.
     “I’m enthusiastic about relocating from the Duncan dealership, which is mostly agriculture equipment, to sell at the Edmond store which will cater to construction equipment sales.  I think customers will be surprised by a totally new buying experience for the equipment they need.  Great Plains is going to offer a new Kubota experience to the Edmond and metro area.  When people buy Kubota they deserve the full package, and that’s exactly what we are going to give,” said Gregston.  
     New opportunities and products are what keep businesses thriving.  Over the last few years Great Plains has become a leader in Kubota dealerships.  Customer service is and will always be their number one priority.  The new Edmond dealership will offer nothing less.  Customers will be greeted with a smile and helped to the full extent of the employees knowledge every time.  Great Plains sales manager, Garrett Clark understands what it takes to make a business successful.  Customer service is a must, but it isn’t automatic.
     “Working with the right people at the right location is part of the foundation for success.  We have a great group of employees lined up to open our new Edmond store.  They will represent our company at the highest level, and I feel customers are going to be pleasantly surprised about the service they will receive,” said Clark.  
     Kubota has dominated the compact tractor market since it’s arrival to the US in the 70s.  Great Plains Edmond will offer the tried and true compact tractors, but efforts to accommodate the professional landscaper and construction equipment market will be of the utmost priority for the new dealership.  Scheduled to open this Spring, the full line sales and service Kubota dealership will also offer such lines as Exmark, Land Pride, Woods, as well as a variety of construction and agricultural attachments.  Kubota service and maintenance is also a primary goal Great Plains will meet for both new and existing Kubota customers of the area.  The service department will feature mobile technicians capable of doing on site repairs.  This is a great feature for construction equipment owners because it will reduce down time for contractors and municipalities.
     Frank Serrano will manage the new store.  He brings eight years of managerial experience to the table.  As manager for the former Great Plains Rent-All, Serrano understands and promotes the vision of Great Plains.  The sales staff is headed by another Great Plains employee, David Gregston.  His knowledge and excitement of Kubota products, paired with a new outside salesman, Keith Binion will offer customers the whole Kubota experience.        

Great Plains News – Every Product for Every Job

     In a perfect world every one of our dealerships would carry the exact same products
manufactured by the exact same company.  In our efforts to expand our brand and products certain factors unfortunately restrict us from carrying the exact same manufactured products.  Great Plains however does
offer a variety of outdoor power, farm, construction, recreation, and agricultural equipment at all their locations to accommodate a variety of equipment needs for their customers.  Please refer to the list below for available
products at our 3 current locations.
     It is important to note that: Great Plains Ada carries all manufactures above except Grasshopper, Stihl, and Echo.  Great Plains Duncan carries all manufactures above except Echo.  Great Plains Shawnee carries all manufactures above except Polaris, Parts Unlimited, Grasshopper, and Stihl.
     Other products available not mentioned are Bar 6 feeders, Lamar Trailers, M&M tree shears, Boss Game System hunting blinds, Lamco Corn Feeders, Limbinator saws, Ranch Hand grill guards, Quick Draw Tool Boxes, and the Texas Fence fixer.    

For more information about Great Plains Kubota product and services visit:

www.greatplainskubota.com or call toll free to 855-4KUBOTA

Great Plains Kubota – Ada, Oklahoma

Great Plains Kubota - Ada, Oklahoma

Construction on our new Kubota dealership is starting to take shape. Our new location will be at 1601 North Mississippi. We have literally outgrown our current location on Broadway and will be able to better serve our customers with more room. For more information about Great Plains Kubota and their services click the link below to visit their website. Great Plains Kubota…”Ride With The Brand”

New Kubota Excavator

        New for 2013 is Kubota’s KX040-4 featuring Kubota’s “Eco-Plus” mode.
Kubota’s new four-ton KX040-4 packs superior performance, versatility and comfort into one compact machine.  The new excavator leads the pack this year and replaces the KX121-3, Kubota’s single most popular model. The KX040-4 prioritizes the economy and supports the environment with its “Eco-Plus” system, giving operators the option of “eco mode” for up to 20 percent less fuel consumption than prior models. For applications that require full power, operators can switch to standard mode and still experience improved efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
     Kubota’s auto idling system also conserves fuel. When the control levers are in the neutral position for more than four seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns to the preset level. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs.
     Keith Rohrbacker, Kubota construction equipment product manager had this to say about Kubota construction equipment.
     “Upgrade, innovate and expand are three words that describe Kubota’s approach to the construction market this year. We have upgraded several of our existing lines to include Tier IV engines, improved serviceability, and updated/repositioned control panels for greater ease of use. From excavators to newly introduced compact track loaders, we have introduced a lot of exciting equipment this year that is sure to motivate construction contractors nationwide.”    


Diamonds in the Rough

    Blue Diamond Attachments is a third generation family owned business that provides high quality attachments for construction and farm machinery.  Their dedication to meeting the customer’s needs is shown in their design and manufacturing procedures that are based on “in the trenches reality.”  Offering some of the best warranties in the industry means providing a product that will withstand the rigors of everyday use and give customers the peace of mind they need.  
    Located in the heart of the Tennessee Valley, Blue Diamond provides the leading edge in technology of their products.  They are also a company that hasn’t forgotten the importance of personal service.  Customers will get a live person to answer their call. Dealing with the experienced sales staff you will discover why they are one of the fastest growing attachment companies.  The Blue Diamond Trademark is becoming a well recognized name among contractors and they are dedicated to maintaining the high level of respect they have earned.  Their huge inventory allows them to offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry.  Shipments arrive in one to two days for almost all of the eastern United States on standard items.  
    Since 1994 they have been providing top quality attachments for skid steers, compact track loaders and tractors.  Their experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. Matching the right attachment to the right machine is critical for optimal performance and their staff as well as the sales and service professionals at Great Plains have extensive knowledge of skid steer specifications.
     The universal quick-attach used on skid steer loaders and compact tractors has made these machines into very useful tool carriers. Blue Diamond has a lineup of tried and proven attachment designs for these machines that can be relied on in the most severe applications. They also manufacture attachments for forklift and telehandlers (reach forklifts) and thumbs for compact excavators.
     Blue Diamond knows that you make your living with these attachments, and they strive to give customers the best product and product support possible. Their motto is “Quality, Dependability & Integrity”  and they are serious about it!  Find out why Blue Diamond Attachments is one of the fastest growing skid steer attachment manufacturers in the US by visiting Great Plains or go online to: http://www.bluediamondattachments.com.
    As your local Blue Diamond Dealer Great Plains keeps a number of attachments in stock such as: Tree Shears, Root Grapples, Pallet Forks,  Hay Spikes, and Brush Cutters.  For more information on attachment pricing and availability go to http://www.greatplainskubota.com or call at 855-4KUBOTA.