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We Are Kubota

     The brand statement of Kubota is “For Earth, For Life.”  These four words, when combined and implemented, are so much more than fancy advertising speak.  These words are a mission that Kubota is fulfilling as a global company.  They are committed to designing and producing the very best equipment and products so their customers can focus on their jobs of planting, feeding, building and caring for the world in which we live.  From investing in their communities and dealerships and ensuring a wide range of high quality products, to employing America’s best and brightest men and women, Kubota never loses sight of their purpose: to engineer rewarding experiences and help people achieve more.
Kubota Corporation unveiled their first tractor to the US in 1969. The Kubota L200 (21HP) sub-compact tractor was an immediate success, and it quickly filled an equipment void in the American tractor market.  The result of this success was the birth of Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) in 1972.  Since then KTC has continued to expand and refine their product lines for the U.S. market. Now customers can rely on the manufacturing quality of Kubota for lawn mower, utility vehicle, construction equipment, tractor and hay tool usage.
We are passionate.  Anyone that knows a Kubota owner knows how much they love their machine.  Whether it be a tractor or mower, Kubota owners love spending time on their equipment, and love making the land better.
We are producers.  Kubota equipment produces results.  KTC knows you’ve got a job to do and the importance of your equipment.  This is why every Kubota piece is manufactured to the highest quality.
We are caretakers.  From the dealership to the field, those associated with Kubota know the meaning behind the brand and what it means to provide a service.
Kubota may seem new compared to other manufacturers, but for almost 50 years they have brought a new level of productivity and reliability to equipment owners.  Kubota Tractor Corporation has challenged traditions, and even started a few of their own, thus positioning themselves as a major player in the American equipment market.  Their solid network of dealerships and continued dealer support is just the tip of the iceberg for this corporation.  Focusing on the preservation of natural resources and assisting the producers thereof creates a family of Kubota owners made of people like you.  So if you’re Kubota owner, say this out loud, We Are Kubota!

We are Kubota was written by Reed Boettcher in the Summer 2016 issue of Great Plains living.  For more information about Kubota products visit www.gpkubota.com


All Terrain Hunting

It’s hard to imagine a time when big game hunters didn’t use ATVs or

utility vehicles (UTVs). The classic images of western hunters packing

in with horses and mules are now kept by only a nostalgic few. Of

course there are plenty of hunters today who don’t use off-road

vehicles. However, all hunters from those who stalk big game to ones

who hunt upland birds, could benefit from using an ATV or UTV. From the

first snow machines to the modern day side-by-side, the extreme demands

of avid hunters have influenced the evolution of these vehicles.

Mirroring this evolution, off-road vehicles themselves have changed the

sport of hunting. History proves there’s no turning back from these

advanced machines, and the farthest frontiers are only as far as a few

extra gas cans.

Two main factors have increased hunters usage of off-road vehicles

during the past few decades. Hunting popularity has increased, and

innovations of hunting products and tactics have been introduced.

When something is popular everyone wants to do it. For hunters

this means traveling farther to find that perfect secluded hunting

spot. Whether it’s hunting farther from base camp, or scouting a

potential hunting lease, off-road vehicles allow hunters to quickly

expand their range. Realistically, there’s only so far a hunter can

venture on foot, but with off-road vehicles remote hunting locations can

be reached sooner, hunted longer, and daylight is no longer an issue.

With increased popularity comes more hunting pressure, especially to

public access areas. Once secluded destinations have become hunting

hotspots, forcing hunters to spread out to find their piece of paradise.

Perhaps just as important to the evolution of these machines is

the use of hunting tactics that require vehicles with hauling

capabilities. Deer feeders and tree stands, for example, are popular

among whitetail hunters. Scouting and staging multiple feeder-stand

locations can be a one man job when using a UTV. UTVs easily haul

multiple passengers and cargo through a variety of terrain, making them

ideal for hunting clubs and lease partners. On the other end of the

hunting spectrum UTVs are ideal for setting up remote hunting camps.

There’s so much time devoted to creating or escaping to a hunting

paradise that off-road vehicles have become a necessity.

Great Plains Kubota salesman, Brent Elliott has a large family,

and they all enjoy the outdoors. He stated that without his off-road

vehicles they would do a lot less hunting.

“We use our ATVs and UTVs to check cameras, which is a great way

to scout for a busy guy like me. There’s no way I could check five

cameras after work if I was on foot. I also use them to drop off family

and friends at different hunting spots on my property. They’re more fuel

efficient than larger vehicles so I can haul kids, recover deer, and

scout without breaking the bank or my back. I wouldn’t be able to hunt

the way I do without these machines,” said Elliott.

Planting food plots is another increasing tactic hunters use to

attract deer. Hunters on a budget can easily plant supplemental food

anywhere on their property with an off-road vehicle paired with an

all-in-one tow behind implement.

The dedicated woodsman who treks solo after big game knows the

importance of a maneuverable off-road vehicle, such as an ATV. When it

comes to packing out game, a well-equipped ATV or UTV is simply the

superior method. Accessories like winches, trailers, cargo boxes,

additional lighting, GPS, and protective coverings are essential to the

all-terrain hunter. Another Great Plains Kubota hunter who knows the

challenges of hunting dramatic terrain is Allen Dennis.

“The land I hunt is only accessible by a steep ridge next to a

river. Trucks can’t handle the extreme incline so we have to use ATVs

to haul our gear to the hunting locations. We’ve even used ATVs to pull

trailers with riding mowers, so we could maintain our food plots. It’s

not like we actually hunt on them, but we couldn’t hunt without them,”

said Dennis.

Off-road vehicles used in hunting have also created conflicts

among the hunting community. Hunting and shooting from these machines

isn’t fair chase, and reflects poorly on the sport. Laws set in place

are designed to protect both the environment and the future of using

ATVs and UTVs for hunting.

So, which off-road vehicle is better? Choosing between ATVs or

UTVs comes down to preference, price, and capabilities. Typically ATV’s

are less expensive. They are faster and narrower than UTV’s, making them

capable of going places UTVs can’t. However UTV’s make up for this with

their torque and towing capabilities. With more storage capacity and

passenger options utility vehicles offer hunters versatility ATVs don’t

have. Despite there small differences off-road vehicles were both

designed to get hunters to and from extreme destinations.

For some, hunting is about creating a private paradise. For

others, it’s about escaping to far away destinations. Whatever’s

desired, off-road vehicles can be a hunter’s companion, pack mule, or

rescue team. They’re invaluable when setting up remote camps, scouting

property, planting food plots, or reaching extreme destinations. They

make all the wants and needs of the modern day hunter possible, and will

continue to evolve with the sport.

Great Plains News – Every Product for Every Job

     In a perfect world every one of our dealerships would carry the exact same products
manufactured by the exact same company.  In our efforts to expand our brand and products certain factors unfortunately restrict us from carrying the exact same manufactured products.  Great Plains however does
offer a variety of outdoor power, farm, construction, recreation, and agricultural equipment at all their locations to accommodate a variety of equipment needs for their customers.  Please refer to the list below for available
products at our 3 current locations.
     It is important to note that: Great Plains Ada carries all manufactures above except Grasshopper, Stihl, and Echo.  Great Plains Duncan carries all manufactures above except Echo.  Great Plains Shawnee carries all manufactures above except Polaris, Parts Unlimited, Grasshopper, and Stihl.
     Other products available not mentioned are Bar 6 feeders, Lamar Trailers, M&M tree shears, Boss Game System hunting blinds, Lamco Corn Feeders, Limbinator saws, Ranch Hand grill guards, Quick Draw Tool Boxes, and the Texas Fence fixer.    

For more information about Great Plains Kubota product and services visit:

www.greatplainskubota.com or call toll free to 855-4KUBOTA

Great Plains Kubota – Ada, Oklahoma

Great Plains Kubota - Ada, Oklahoma

Construction on our new Kubota dealership is starting to take shape. Our new location will be at 1601 North Mississippi. We have literally outgrown our current location on Broadway and will be able to better serve our customers with more room. For more information about Great Plains Kubota and their services click the link below to visit their website. Great Plains Kubota…”Ride With The Brand”

Customer Service: A Clark Family Tradition

      A family business heritage dedicated to excellent customer service was started in 1929 when my grandfather, Martin Clark, leased his first service station in Ada, OK.  My grandfather was so focused on customer service that he would correct anyone that said he was in the “filling station business.  He wanted to be clear that he was in the “service station business.”    Now, with Great Plains Inc, the Clark family continues an 84-year stretch of service to Oklahoma.
     My grandfather became a Case dealer during World War II.  With most iron and steel reserved for military purposes and many men involved in the war effort, there were severe shortages of farm implements and labor.  With very little equipment to sell, he was forced to close the business until manufacturing picked back up in the late ‘40s.
     Our family has always been involved in agriculture and so when the opportunity to become a Kubota dealer was presented, it just seemed natural.  We have been selling Kubota tractors since 2003. We started in Duncan, expanding our dealerships to include both Ada and Shawnee, but our family’s knowledge of tractor sales and farm equipment really began with Martin Clark Implement Co. in the ‘40s.  Many changes have occurred in the world of business (note this Case invoice, for example) but in spite of our fast paced, hi-tech world of today, one thing hasn’t changed – the dedication to our customers.
    Decades have passed since we became incorporated, but Great Plains is still family owned and operated.  As a business we continue to positively evolve while keeping the foundations of our business the same.  We look toward the future and learn from our past.  Thus our mission is to create satisfied customers in a welcoming business environment.  We are grateful for the chance to provide equipment needs and we are excited for the opportunity to earn new business.
     In 1941 Great Plains, Inc became incorporated.  We stand by our products and our customers because our family’s commitment is and has always been to do the right thing, and we will continue that legacy with our Kubota dealerships.