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The Limb Saw

No More Ladders, Lifts, Buckets or Hand Held Chainsaws or Pole Pruners

     Fall on the farm is a great time for clean up.  The weather is nice, the crops are in, and calves have been born.  This is when farmers and ranchers can  take the time to make their place look neat and tidy. Taking pride in the year’s worth of hard work is ingrained in the lives of farmers and ranchers.  They do what has to be done, and they do it by whatever means possible, and with whatever tools are at hand.  Sometimes safety is sacrificed, especially when it comes to pruning trees.  Whether its a ladder, or the bucket of a tractor, maintaining tree growth can be dangerous, but with the safety and the affordability of the LimbSaw, farmers and ranchers can not only cut limbs safely, but they can do it without any help other than their tractor.
The LimbSaw easily attaches and mounts directly to the front end loader of your tractor, skid loader or backhoe. This commercial-grade chainsaw hooks in  to a receiver on the back of your front end loader or bucket and connects to your tractor’s auxiliary hydraulics.  It’s extra long reach can cut limbs that are 18 to 20 feet, depending on your loader reach. The LimbSaw attachment folds into a convenient transport position, and at only 84 lbs makes it easy to remove and store in your shop or garage.  This saw attachment is super fast and super safe making it ideal for a one man job. At 5,000 RPM’s this saw has incredible cutting power, but it doesn’t take away power to operate.  It only requires seven gallons of hydraulic flow to operate the 12 horsepower chainsaw, making it a perfect fit for compact tractors to skid steers.  It features a reversible motor that backs the saw out of any pinch, and it’s equipped with a self oiling system.  To top it off the bar and chain are interchangeable with most chainsaw manufacturers.
Other than it’s ease of use the LimbSaw is the safest way to trim trees.  The LimbSaw drastically reduces the risk of injury by eliminating common practices such as, precariously placed ladders or climbing in and out of loader buckets while operating a hand held saw.  When cut, limbs fall in front of the loader while you sit in the safety and comfort of your tractor seat. In addition, the danger of chainsaw kickback is virtually eliminated.  A shock indicator has been added which allows the user to know how much pressure to put on the saw.  Like any chainsaw it’s important to let the saw do the cutting, it’s no different with the LimbSaw, and this easy to see indicator make for easy cutting.
Titanium Blade
While most chainsaw bars are laminated, the LimbSaw’s bar is made from a single piece of solid titanium alloy steel, and is laser cut for precision.
Aggressive Chain
Kickback is not an issue with the LimbSaw because each saw is equipped with an aggressive chain that utilizes each and every tooth for maximum cutting power.
Steel Construction
For unsurpassed durability, the LimbSaw’s extension arm is made from heavy-duty square tubing that is double-walled at the cutting end.
The loader mounted, hydraulic powered chainsaw that is sold today as LimbSaw was invented by Wendell McCracken of Pauls Valley, OK.  A retiree with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Wendall and his wife Donna raised eight children on their 250 acre pecan and cattle farm where tree trimming was an ongoing family chore.  Now you can find the LimbSaw Company owner, Frank Casey assembling  his products in his shop behind his house near Norman, OK.  Casey and his wife run the business, but not without the help of a few part-time employees and the streamlined manufacturing of Prifert.  With Prifert handling the manufacturing, Casey can focus on assembly and distribution to dealers like Great Plains Kubota.  This is the ninth year Casey has had the chainsaw on the market, and two years ago Casey developed a circular saw.
The LimbSaw Company Circular Saw was developed for trimming under fence lines and cutting branches that are too small for chainsaws.  Using the same concept of trimming from the comfort and safety of your tractor seat, users can regain areas of property and fence lines that are unusable due to brushy overgrowth.  Regrowth can be too flexible for chainsaws which only grab instead of cut, but with circular saw one can literally trim a hedge.  When used with the rotating actuator, you can pivot this tool 22, 30, 45 and 90 degrees to allow trimming at angles and under fence lines. The cutting head is also interchangeable onto the 8 ft. mast of the original tool (Limbinator Saw, LS08). The total weight of the new LSC Circular Saw with mast is 105 lbs.
Manufactured with unsurpassed durability, every detail of LimbSaw products have been tailored for optimum safety and function.
These affordable saws are perfect for farmers, ranchers, highway departments, municipalities, and even hunters.  There are a lot of saw attachments on the market today, but the LimbSaw is the ideal saw for pruning and trimming.
See the saws at work at your local Great Plains Kubota, or on the LimbSaw Company L.L.C on Facebook page.

This story and others posted in this blog are originally published in Great Plains living.  The official magazine of Great Plains Kubota.


We Are Great Plains Kubota

We’ve asked our customers to ride with the brand.  We’ve now become “The Brand That Works For You.”  At Great Plains we operate beyond the boundaries of our slogans and brand statements because our actions speak louder than our words.  The GP Kubota mission is to provide quality equipment solutions while conducting business in a manner that honors and respects God, our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities we serve.
It’s our job to understand the work of our customers.  It’s our responsibility to represent Kubota and our other equipment vendors with integrity.  It’s our duty to stand by our products and our customers. We don’t always have the answers, but we don’t stop until we’ve found the right solution.  Beyond the solutions Great Plains offers, customers will experience a friendly and helpful shopping environment.  If it’s not right, it’s on us.  That’s as simple as it gets, and is exactly what we promise.  From showroom floor to field, our promise, combined with a clean and professional environment, takes GP services beyond the sale.  It doesn’t matter if it’s two or 20 years, every time a customer operates equipment purchased from us, they’re doing business with Great Plains.
What makes Great Plains Kubota different from other equipment dealerships?  A solid foundation built by honest, hard-working ownership and management supports all aspects of GP operations.  GP leadership makes our business more than a tractor dealership;  they’ve created an oasis in a desert of work.  Our full-line Kubota dealerships in Ada, Duncan, Edmond, and Shawnee will quench customers’ thirst for productivity.  Great Plains Kubota is a diverse group of friendly employees, trained to operate as a unified resource that strives to earn every customers’ business.  The privilege to serve customers does not come automatically; the privilege is earned by the daily diligence of our employees.
Great Plains Kubota is comprised of people that, like you, know the value of quality equipment.  We are farmers, ranchers, pastors, leaders, gardeners, hunters, builders, fishermen, cooks, and auctioneers.   We’re friends of the family and stewards of the land.  We are “The Brand That Works For You.”
What we offer is more than equipment sales, service, parts, and rentals.  We offer the means to achieve dreams and goals.  We offer a hard to find promise: We will work for you every step of the way.  As we continue to grow we will continue to improve and refine our operations.
What it all boils down to is this – many places offer equipment, furthermore there’s lot of places that offer Kubota equipment.  It’s the service and satisfaction you’ll get at any Great Plains Kubota dealership that makes all the difference.  We are many different things, but most of all, we are Great Plains Kubota.

For more information about Great Plains Kubota visit www.gpkubota.com

All Terrain Hunting

It’s hard to imagine a time when big game hunters didn’t use ATVs or

utility vehicles (UTVs). The classic images of western hunters packing

in with horses and mules are now kept by only a nostalgic few. Of

course there are plenty of hunters today who don’t use off-road

vehicles. However, all hunters from those who stalk big game to ones

who hunt upland birds, could benefit from using an ATV or UTV. From the

first snow machines to the modern day side-by-side, the extreme demands

of avid hunters have influenced the evolution of these vehicles.

Mirroring this evolution, off-road vehicles themselves have changed the

sport of hunting. History proves there’s no turning back from these

advanced machines, and the farthest frontiers are only as far as a few

extra gas cans.

Two main factors have increased hunters usage of off-road vehicles

during the past few decades. Hunting popularity has increased, and

innovations of hunting products and tactics have been introduced.

When something is popular everyone wants to do it. For hunters

this means traveling farther to find that perfect secluded hunting

spot. Whether it’s hunting farther from base camp, or scouting a

potential hunting lease, off-road vehicles allow hunters to quickly

expand their range. Realistically, there’s only so far a hunter can

venture on foot, but with off-road vehicles remote hunting locations can

be reached sooner, hunted longer, and daylight is no longer an issue.

With increased popularity comes more hunting pressure, especially to

public access areas. Once secluded destinations have become hunting

hotspots, forcing hunters to spread out to find their piece of paradise.

Perhaps just as important to the evolution of these machines is

the use of hunting tactics that require vehicles with hauling

capabilities. Deer feeders and tree stands, for example, are popular

among whitetail hunters. Scouting and staging multiple feeder-stand

locations can be a one man job when using a UTV. UTVs easily haul

multiple passengers and cargo through a variety of terrain, making them

ideal for hunting clubs and lease partners. On the other end of the

hunting spectrum UTVs are ideal for setting up remote hunting camps.

There’s so much time devoted to creating or escaping to a hunting

paradise that off-road vehicles have become a necessity.

Great Plains Kubota salesman, Brent Elliott has a large family,

and they all enjoy the outdoors. He stated that without his off-road

vehicles they would do a lot less hunting.

“We use our ATVs and UTVs to check cameras, which is a great way

to scout for a busy guy like me. There’s no way I could check five

cameras after work if I was on foot. I also use them to drop off family

and friends at different hunting spots on my property. They’re more fuel

efficient than larger vehicles so I can haul kids, recover deer, and

scout without breaking the bank or my back. I wouldn’t be able to hunt

the way I do without these machines,” said Elliott.

Planting food plots is another increasing tactic hunters use to

attract deer. Hunters on a budget can easily plant supplemental food

anywhere on their property with an off-road vehicle paired with an

all-in-one tow behind implement.

The dedicated woodsman who treks solo after big game knows the

importance of a maneuverable off-road vehicle, such as an ATV. When it

comes to packing out game, a well-equipped ATV or UTV is simply the

superior method. Accessories like winches, trailers, cargo boxes,

additional lighting, GPS, and protective coverings are essential to the

all-terrain hunter. Another Great Plains Kubota hunter who knows the

challenges of hunting dramatic terrain is Allen Dennis.

“The land I hunt is only accessible by a steep ridge next to a

river. Trucks can’t handle the extreme incline so we have to use ATVs

to haul our gear to the hunting locations. We’ve even used ATVs to pull

trailers with riding mowers, so we could maintain our food plots. It’s

not like we actually hunt on them, but we couldn’t hunt without them,”

said Dennis.

Off-road vehicles used in hunting have also created conflicts

among the hunting community. Hunting and shooting from these machines

isn’t fair chase, and reflects poorly on the sport. Laws set in place

are designed to protect both the environment and the future of using

ATVs and UTVs for hunting.

So, which off-road vehicle is better? Choosing between ATVs or

UTVs comes down to preference, price, and capabilities. Typically ATV’s

are less expensive. They are faster and narrower than UTV’s, making them

capable of going places UTVs can’t. However UTV’s make up for this with

their torque and towing capabilities. With more storage capacity and

passenger options utility vehicles offer hunters versatility ATVs don’t

have. Despite there small differences off-road vehicles were both

designed to get hunters to and from extreme destinations.

For some, hunting is about creating a private paradise. For

others, it’s about escaping to far away destinations. Whatever’s

desired, off-road vehicles can be a hunter’s companion, pack mule, or

rescue team. They’re invaluable when setting up remote camps, scouting

property, planting food plots, or reaching extreme destinations. They

make all the wants and needs of the modern day hunter possible, and will

continue to evolve with the sport.

Great Plains News – Every Product for Every Job

     In a perfect world every one of our dealerships would carry the exact same products
manufactured by the exact same company.  In our efforts to expand our brand and products certain factors unfortunately restrict us from carrying the exact same manufactured products.  Great Plains however does
offer a variety of outdoor power, farm, construction, recreation, and agricultural equipment at all their locations to accommodate a variety of equipment needs for their customers.  Please refer to the list below for available
products at our 3 current locations.
     It is important to note that: Great Plains Ada carries all manufactures above except Grasshopper, Stihl, and Echo.  Great Plains Duncan carries all manufactures above except Echo.  Great Plains Shawnee carries all manufactures above except Polaris, Parts Unlimited, Grasshopper, and Stihl.
     Other products available not mentioned are Bar 6 feeders, Lamar Trailers, M&M tree shears, Boss Game System hunting blinds, Lamco Corn Feeders, Limbinator saws, Ranch Hand grill guards, Quick Draw Tool Boxes, and the Texas Fence fixer.    

For more information about Great Plains Kubota product and services visit:

www.greatplainskubota.com or call toll free to 855-4KUBOTA

An Oklahoma Kubota Dealership

An Oklahoma Kubota Dealership

Great Plains is Oklahoma’s premier Kubota dealer.  As an Oklahoma Kubota dealer Great Plains is your full service Kubota and Polaris dealer in Oklahoma. Located in Ada, Duncan, and our newest location Shawnee Oklahoma. Great Plains has the best to offer when it comes to Kubota tractors. We are also authorized Vermeer, Land Pride, Krone, and Woods dealers. Great Plains has a great selection of new and used ATVs, UTVs, Mowers, Construction Equipment, Tractors and Implements. We are conveniently located near Lawton, Ardmore, McAlester, Durant, Pauls Valley, Shawnee, OKC and many communities in Southern and Central Oklahoma. We have complete parts and service departments with factory trained technicians ready to service your equipment. Stop in and see us today and ask us about savings with our Kubota package deals. *See individual locations for product availability. *Note, Great Plains Kubota of Shawnee does not carry Polairs products. Our Shawnee dealership offers Kubota, Land Pride, Woods and Echo products. We would love to be your next Kubota dealer and at Great Plains Kubota we gladly except trade-ins!

Thrid Times A Charm

    Good things come in threes.  The best example of good things that come in threes is The Holy Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost).  In fact, this numeric group is mentioned throughout the Bible.  On the third day Jesus rose from the grave.  There were three wise men who brought Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  The list goes on and it even seems that the number three is God’s trademark.  He made the atom with three parts which make up the earth’s three parts being land, water and air.  Even our time created here on earth is calculated by past, present, and future.
    So what are some other prominent groups of three?  Well there are the Three Stooges, 3 Dog Night, The Three Little Pigs, and The Three Musketeers to name a few.  The reason I’m writing on the topic isn’t because of Moe, Larry and Curly or the structure of an atom but rather this issue, being our third, marks the recent purchase of a long-standing Kubota dealer giving Great Plains a total of three dealerships.
    The purchase of Dinsmore Tractor Sales of Shawnee by Great Plains has created a trifecta of Kubota dealerships in Oklahoma.  We’re now conveniently located in Ada, Duncan and Shawnee.  With the purchase of a new store comes new and existing customers.  This will present its own set of challenges for us which we humbly welcome.  We are proud for the opportunity to take care of existing customers and look forward to servicing the Shawnee market.  There are some good topics in this issue but the one that has the most impact on us is the purchase of Dinsmore Tractor Sales.  We are grateful to take on the task of filling in where they are leaving off.  Shawnee will be a new chapter for us and we look forward to the opportunity of providing our services to their customers with minimal change and a smooth transition.    
    I am personally excited about expanding our magazine’s readership.  Having a presence in Shawnee with Great Plains Living will surely open new doorways for our magazine.   It seems with each issue we take our magazine just a little further than the last.  With this issue readers will find more magazines on racks throughout their area.  We have had successful response from this form of distribution, so we are doubling the amount distributed.  
    The first thing to think about when writing these letters is the reader.  I ask myself, what is going to make them want to read this?  The worst thing I could do is waste words.  Without being too informal I try to cover the issues and topics our customers may encounter.  Great Plains Living is just one of the ways that we as a company try to communicate our products and services as well as our philosophy.  In many ways reading this magazine is like visiting one of our three stores.  An article read in this magazine could easily be a discussion being held between a salesman and a customer.  
    The saying, “Third Times a Charm” is meant for good luck.  Not to give us bad luck but I don’t think  we need it for our third issue or for our newest store.  We will continue to manage a friendly store that does right by its customers while producing a quality, content full magazine.  At Great Plains we don’t just offer equipment we offer information.  Being your information source, whether through this magazine or at the store, is what makes us different.  Now, with the power of three stores I see nothing but great things to come.   
    Of course not all things grouped in threes are good.  I can only speak for myself but Alvin and the Chipmunks and ready, aim, fire are both bad things.


Great Plains News

New Location Means More For Customers – www.greatplainskubota.com

     As a growing dealership Great Plains looks towards the challenge of relocating to a high traffic area in Ada.  The new dealership will be located on the corner of North Mississippi and Lonnie Abbott Blvd.  Co-owner Bill Clark commented on Great Plains new location.
     “We are excited about moving to a busier area of Ada, but more importantly we will become more efficient to our customers.  Since we will be under one roof, internal communications and operations will run smoother.  This translates to faster turnaround for our customers, whether it be sales or service.  Customers will now be able to see all our products offered because we will have such a large display space.  Currently we are limited, therefore large equipment like Disc and Batwing mowers can’t always be displayed,” said Clark.
     The new dealership should be completed by late summer.  For questions about the Great Plains family of Kubota dealerships please contact us at 580-427-9000, or go online to http://www.greatplainskubota.com.