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We Are Great Plains Kubota

We’ve asked our customers to ride with the brand.  We’ve now become “The Brand That Works For You.”  At Great Plains we operate beyond the boundaries of our slogans and brand statements because our actions speak louder than our words.  The GP Kubota mission is to provide quality equipment solutions while conducting business in a manner that honors and respects God, our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities we serve.
It’s our job to understand the work of our customers.  It’s our responsibility to represent Kubota and our other equipment vendors with integrity.  It’s our duty to stand by our products and our customers. We don’t always have the answers, but we don’t stop until we’ve found the right solution.  Beyond the solutions Great Plains offers, customers will experience a friendly and helpful shopping environment.  If it’s not right, it’s on us.  That’s as simple as it gets, and is exactly what we promise.  From showroom floor to field, our promise, combined with a clean and professional environment, takes GP services beyond the sale.  It doesn’t matter if it’s two or 20 years, every time a customer operates equipment purchased from us, they’re doing business with Great Plains.
What makes Great Plains Kubota different from other equipment dealerships?  A solid foundation built by honest, hard-working ownership and management supports all aspects of GP operations.  GP leadership makes our business more than a tractor dealership;  they’ve created an oasis in a desert of work.  Our full-line Kubota dealerships in Ada, Duncan, Edmond, and Shawnee will quench customers’ thirst for productivity.  Great Plains Kubota is a diverse group of friendly employees, trained to operate as a unified resource that strives to earn every customers’ business.  The privilege to serve customers does not come automatically; the privilege is earned by the daily diligence of our employees.
Great Plains Kubota is comprised of people that, like you, know the value of quality equipment.  We are farmers, ranchers, pastors, leaders, gardeners, hunters, builders, fishermen, cooks, and auctioneers.   We’re friends of the family and stewards of the land.  We are “The Brand That Works For You.”
What we offer is more than equipment sales, service, parts, and rentals.  We offer the means to achieve dreams and goals.  We offer a hard to find promise: We will work for you every step of the way.  As we continue to grow we will continue to improve and refine our operations.
What it all boils down to is this – many places offer equipment, furthermore there’s lot of places that offer Kubota equipment.  It’s the service and satisfaction you’ll get at any Great Plains Kubota dealership that makes all the difference.  We are many different things, but most of all, we are Great Plains Kubota.

For more information about Great Plains Kubota visit www.gpkubota.com


Kubota Hay Equipment Now Available


     Kubota has introduced numerous new products this year, but perhaps the most surprising is the introduction of Kubota’s Hay Tool Implements.  Kubota now offers disc mowers, tedders, and rakes to their already impressive line of agriculture equipment. The disc mowers offer effective and reliable performance as well as easy operation for non-stop mowing productivity. Kubota tedders and rakes are the perfect combination to help speed up the drying process and ensure clean raking performance.
DISC MOWERS – Kubota is proud to introduce an extensive new range of side mounted disc mowers, specifically developed for the North American market.  The DM-series side mounted disc mowers offer a working width ranging from 5’6” up to 10’5”. The counter-rotating three blades per disc Kubota mowers are constantly cutting and offer no compromises in performance. This means a third less load per blade; an even load on the drive; and smoother power usage.  The result is neat, clean stubble.  
     Being prepared when mowing season takes place is essential.  The new range of Kubota mowers is designed to offer maximum productivity.

     The Kubota DM2000 models are lightweight, simple mowers with a compact, but durable design for maximum output at a competitive price.  They are offered in working widths of 9’2” and 10’5”.  Featuring the Kubota cutterbar with triangular discs, continuous and excellent cutting performance, especially in difficult crop conditions, is ensured.
     The mowers are equipped with a powerful and flexible spring loaded V-Belt drive.  As the belt loosens, the spring pushes the drive wheel outwards, automatically tensioning the belt.  The DM2000 series is fitted with the Kubota Non-Stop BreakAway system to protect the cutterbar.  The integrated BreakAway system is designed to protect the cutterbar from foreign obstacles.  Upon striking an obstacle in the field the mowing unit swings backwards and up.  This provides maximum protection of the cutterbar.  What this means to the operator is effortless continuous protection for efficient cutting.
     The 2000 series is just as easy to operate as the small 1000 series disc mowers.  Adjustable suspension springs are easily set, to provide the ground pressure required.  Once the machines have been set correctly, all the operations can be done from inside the tractor.  No use of the three point hitch is needed when lifting on headlands or going into transport position.
     Having added hay tools to the line-up means that Kubota is expanding its footprint in the agricultural market.  Great Plains salesman, Brent Elliott, commented on the new products.
     “It is nice to see Kubota is making a quality effort in completing the line of farm and forage equipment.  The disc mowers especially will be a great added bonus for our Kubota customers.  The name Kubota is synonymous with quality and I expect nothing less with their hay tools,” said Elliott.
RAKES – Kubota is also offering it’s first pull-type rotary rake with a working width of 13’9” (4.2m). The Kubota RA1042T is fitted with 11 tangential tine arms and 4 double tines per arm. The high tine frequency ensures clean raking performance, even at reduced rpm and high travel speed.
     Infinitely variable cam track adjustment allows fine tuning to obtain optimum raking and swath formation according to crop conditions.
     The new Kubota RA1042T single rotary rake is designed for low power requirements, while still delivering considerable working width of 13’9”. Offering a pull-type design and linkage mounted drawbar, the Kubota RA1042T can be easily operated by low horsepower tractors.
TEDDERS – The new Kubota TE4052T is designed to optimize performance for producing dry hay. The four rotors, in combination with a wide overlap, ensure complete pick up of the hay and equal distribution over the entire working width. The Kubota TE4052T rotors are driven by a low maintenance gearbox with only one grease point. The bearings from the pinion and crown wheel ensure maximum longevity of the driveline. The low weight of 904 lbs is ideal for applications with small tractors, or on hilly terrain.
series has five tough and reliable models to choose from.  The DM1017, DM1022, DM1024, DM2028, and the DM2032 cutting widths range from 5’6” to 10’5”.
     The new Kubota DM1000 series cutters feature a new heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar, which is designed for low maintenance and quiet operation.  The fully welded cutter with overlapping C-channels has a rigid and sturdy construction, ensuring a very high level of durability.
     The Kubota cutterbar has a high oil capacity which ensures a low working temperature.  The long curved gear wheels run smoothly in oil and provide optimal power transmission with little slack.  Kubota disc mowers also feature a spring loaded break away.  When an obstacle is encountered, the mower swings backwards to protect the cutterbar.  By reversing, the mower is reset into working position.    

To learn more about Kubota hay tools or other Kubota equipment visit www.greatplainskubota.com

Our Neighbors Allan and Allicia


The following letter was emailed from two customers of Great Plains Kubota that drove from their home in Alberta Canada to Ada Oklahoma to purchase a used Kubota tractor from Great Plains Kubota.    

A bit of hindsight on our adventure started with the need of a small yard tractor to help clear snow off our 1/8 mile driveway at our newly acquired old place, located in central Alberta, Canada. The decision was made with a twist, why not enjoy some history and scenery of a state or two in which we have never visited in the United States. So with a few Kubota model numbers in mind, we started an online search and found just what we were looking for, an older 25 hp, four wheel drive L-Series with a loader in Ada Oklahoma sold by Great Plains Kubota. The tractor was well used and needed some work, however this helped keep the cost down for we are starting out in the equipment department. The drive with a truck and flat deck trailer was 27 hours one way and our friends and family thought we (or more so I) were nuts, but we must say it was quite enjoyable. There is a lot of barren land between us, for example east Colorado and Kansas, but they were amazing in their own way.  Arriving in Oklahoma in November was a complete delightful surprise as some farmers were still harvesting and the landscape was beautiful with rolling hills and vegetation still full of color while our harvest time was over in early September, with snow on the ground and the trees having turned.
     Then came Mr. Johnny Walton (John Boy) whom I had been dealing with at Great Plains Kubota since the start of this stray idea. Usually sales people are a pain in my butt, however this time it was a reversal (I was the pain in his butt), Johnny did a top notch job helping us carry out the task of purchase, pick up, and export.  My hat is off to you Johnny. We had time limitations to get back for work so we had to leave as fast as we arrived with the tractor loaded up. Unfortunately we missed a football game that Johnny had invited us to watch with him and his wife.  Also we missed the opportunity to try a “mud bug” that he was raving about.  It’s on our list for the next time we are passing through! It is February and we are still pleased with the little tractor, having made a few repairs, one being the addition of a block heater!
     Thanks again to Johnny and Great Plains Kubota!! From your neighbors  Allan and Alicia….

The Original Turbo Saw – Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is local and leading the way…

ImageSince 2003 Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing has built tree and brush cutting attachments to manage
invasive species.
     This innovative award winning company has
pioneered the agricultural industry with land
maintenance tools that are sold around the globe.  Dougherty Forestry’s logo “Turbo Saw” is one of the most recognizable names for clearing unwanted trees and brush.
     The key to Turbo Saw’s success lies in its high speed cutting disc, durable carbide teeth, and exclusive features.  These features, along with specific emphasis on safety and committed customer support, have given Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing strong and
expanding sales for nearly a decade.  
     Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing is a family company financed, developed, and managed by the Dougherty family in Hinton Okla.  What began as a simple solution to clear unwanted trees from their ancestral pasture land grew into the involvement of three generations of Doughertys, and rapidly became the best selling line of tree and brush cutters available today.  Their expansion and success can be attributed to the dedication of making quality high performance products.  From the manufacturing process, to sales and  service Dougherty Forestry keeps its family origins and values that have placed their company at the forefront of their industry.
     The Turbo Saw is a fast and safe
way to cut trees, brush, and limbs in any type of terrain.  This attachment easily removes soft woods like Cedars, Cottonwoods and hardwoods such as Mesquite, Scrub Oak, Chinese Tallow or Osage Orange.  This attachment can handle a variety of tree sizes and cuts eight times faster than shear type clippers.  It also cuts below the ground creating a safe smooth finish.  
    David Helson of the City of Oklahoma City said this about the Turbo Saw.
     “We hooked our saw up to a Skid Steer and we have noticed a vast increase in efficiency and production. The speed and accuracy of the Turbo Saw is much more productive than that of a shear attachment,”
said Helson.     
     Through smarter technology, stronger support, and added features the Turbo Saw out performs the competition.  They feature hydraulic hoses, couplers, a built in sprayer tank with pump, a full mesh shield, hydraulic disc break, and a pushing guard as standard equipment.
     The saws have a speed range that runs between three inches to ten inches per second and maximum cutting capabilities between 12 to 40 inches in diameter.  They are compatible with virtually every skid steer loader and tractor which makes them a versatile machine capable of producing high productivity.  There are two main types of skid steer saws which are the torque saw and the high speed saw.  The torque saw is designed exclusively for standard flow skid steers and operates off hydraulic pressure rather than hydraulic volume.  The high speed saw can operate high or low flow skid steers, but both are ideal for pasture maintenance, clearing land , stump removal and brush removal.
     For more information about the Turbo Saw visit turbosaw.com or call Great Plains.

Kubota…Better Than A Pot Of Gold

Kubota...Better Than A Pot Of Gold

Great Plains Kubota customer Bruce Mayhan was lucky enough to get a photograph of a rainbow that apparently ends in his tractors front end loader. In a digital age where photos like this can easily be created it is interesting to see an original photo that hasn’t been altered what so ever.
My daughter who has recently taken an interest in photography is learning as I did, on a manual 35mm camera. Digital cameras have so many advantages over standard film cameras but they lack the building blocks that create photography fundamentals. I realize digital can be just as manual has film but it isn’t film it’s pixels.
What I enjoy about film is that it is tangible. As a kid I would be excited the whole time my film was developing. I couldn’t wait to see what the pictures would turn out like. Now we have the trash can icon.
Mayhan’s picture reminds me of a photographic time not that long ago and even though it was taken with a digital camera it’s elements remind me what it’s like to have a camera at the right place at the right time.

Built To Last


Submitted By Vermeer in the Spring 2012 Issue of Great Plains living

     Rooted in the heartland of America is a remarkable story. One that transformed the small town of Pella, Iowa, and changed the world of agriculture. It’s the story of a one-man operation that evolved over six decades into one of the premier manufacturers of agricultural and environmental equipment in the world.
    It begins with a man who liked to walk the fields with neighboring farmers, discussing the many challenges they faced on the job. It was the 1940s and the Second World War raged on in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. With hundreds of thousands of Americans engaged in battle, fighting tyranny abroad in the name of freedom and honor, farmers back home were having a tough time finding good help.
    Back then unloading grain was among the most labor-intensive jobs on the farm, and the shortage of dependable hired hands only made matters worse. A man named Gary Vermeer set out to find a better way to get the job done. He outfitted his grain wagon with a simple mechanical hoist that unloaded grain faster and easier. Pleased with the results, he shared his innovation with neighboring farmers. Word spread quickly and soon farmers from all over the

area wanted Gary Vermeer to modify their wagons. The first Vermeer innovation was a hit.
    On November 22, 1948, Gary Vermeer and his cousin Ralph Vermeer, a local banker, started Vermeer Manufacturing Co. From day one the company’s philosophy mirrored what Gary Vermeer had achieved with his grain wagon hoist: find a need, fill that need with a product built to last, and simply build the best. Even as the company began to grow and expand its product line, that philosophy continued to inspire every product Vermeer built.
    In 1950, the company introduced portable PTO-powered hammermills. Instead of using flat belts and pulleys that would often slip in cold or wet weather to grind grain, Vermeer’s Pow-R-Drive models harnessed the power take-off (PTO) of tractors. The

product’s success helped spark growth for the young company, and later prompted Vermeer to introduce additional PTO-driven products.
    Sometimes the best solution to a problem presents itself unexpectedly. Such was the case with the revolutionary stump cutter Vermeer unveiled in 1957. While testing a new stump cutter prototype, a Vermeer employee inadvertently hit the wrong lever, causing the cutting wheel to move horizontally across the stump. It was a better way to get the job done, and the discovery resulted in a top-of-the-line stump cutter design that is still used today.
    Vermeer’s signature innovation, one that would revolutionize the hay harvesting industry forever, came in 1971. Gary Vermeer went on an early morning walk with a close friend who shared with him some disheartening news: he intended to sell his cow-calf business. It had become too much of a hassle to bale hay and he couldn’t find dependable hired hands to help him put it up. To him, selling his business was the only solution.
    Gary Vermeer realized that the ideal solution just hadn’t been built yet. So the next morning he set out to design it with a team of Vermeer product engineers. They chalked up a design on the factory floor that would become the original Vermeer baler. The first prototype for the “One-Man Hay System” rolled out the door 45 days later. Vermeer balers started being produced commercially in 1972.
    One of Vermeer’s most popular balers ever built rolled out of Vermeer’s factories in Pella, 28 years later, meeting a need some customers didn’t know they had. In an effort to produce smaller hay packages and meet the needs of part-time farmers who wanted the freedom and convenience of rolling their own bales (and according to their own schedules), Vermeer introduced the Rebel® Baler in 1999.
    Vermeer’s line of hay harvesting machinery has grown considerably since the first round baler was introduced 41 years ago. Balers, along with rakes, tedders, mowers, silage wrappers and bale processors, make up the complete line of forage products. Operators can depend on Vermeer machines throughout the entire hay harvesting and feeding process.
    In addition to providing innovative forage solutions here in the United States, Vermeer continues to have a positive impact on quality of life in all corners of the world. Vermeer products appear on job sites from Russia to Brazil and from New Zealand to Canada. Not bad for a company that maintains a personal bond and deep-seated commitment to the town and community that has supported the company since the start – Pella, Iowa.
    If innovation is the engine that has powered this market-driven, family-owned company the past six decades, it’s people who keep that engine running smoothly. Every department – from product engineering to manufacturing and from financing to parts and service – is staffed with energetic people who are committed to meeting the needs of Vermeer dealers and customers.
    Today, the Vermeer team couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with Great Plains Equipment Sales. The people at Great Plains understand the philosophy that has served Vermeer so well over the years: find a need, fill that need with a product built to last, and simply build the best.
    Wanting to provide customers with innovative and dependable hay harvesting products, the Great Plains team turned to the company that revolutionized the forage industry. Vermeer and Great Plains Equipment Sales are both committed to finding a better way to get the job done. That’s why it’s partnership that’s built to last.